5 Critical Implementation Factors to Consider Ahead of Time

By: Dave Rietsema
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Thinking ahead is crucial when it comes to selecting and implementing new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. By implementation time, there are already many factors at play that can make or break your implementation project. With this in mind, here are a few things that you should be looking at before implementation that can help to ensure the success of the project.

Vendor Assistance

It’s best to understand the degree of support that the vendor will offer throughout implementation before it’s actually time for implementation. Finding out when it’s too late that extra support will cost extra or is simply unavailable can cause you to go over budget and destroy your implementation timeline. When reviewing your shortlist of potential ATS software vendors, be sure to interview each vendor regarding implementation support.

Integration Options and Ease

While integration with other HR software and financial software may be expected of ATS software, it’s not necessarily a given. Before committing to a system, make sure that the ATS software solution will fit with your existing solutions the way that you want it to. Formulating a clear picture of how integration will be achieved before implementation even begins can make the project easier on everyone involved.

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Stakeholder Enthusiasm and Buy-In

While the technical aspects of ATS software implementation generally get the most attention, the human element can have just as much of an impact on the project. If the people that will be using the software are against the change or dislike the system that’s selected, you will have a harder time getting them to help with implementation and testing. They may also fail to use the software as expected after implementation is complete.

Taking the time to speak to your team about how the software will impact their working lives and what will go on during implementation can make a big difference. If you feel that your team is still unenthusiastic, find out why and work to address the issue before moving forward.

Intuitiveness of Configuration

Most ATS software solutions come with configuration options that allow you to customize your applications, filters, screen tests, keywords, and other recruitment tools. While being able to set up these features the way that you want can add value to your recruitment processes, it can make implementation much more difficult if the configuration process turns out to be complicated.

You can prevent problems with this aspect of implementation by testing out configuration options during the trial phase of ATS software selection. Having a basic understanding of how you will go about setting up your recruitment tools will speed implementation along and potentially make training easier.

Downtime during Implementation

Cloud-based ATS software solutions generally don’t require a lot of downtime during implementation, but it’s best to know ahead of time if there will be any downtime at all and exactly what will happen if candidates try to apply during that time. Creating a temporary redirect page for a company website or careers page may help to prevent problems. Planning for these issues before implementation can help a company to save face while ensuring positive candidate experiences.

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