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5 Things to Know About Seasonal Hiring This Year

December 8, 2016 By: Dave Rietsema
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The holidays create a higher demand in several different industries such as retail, food service, hospitality, and shipping. This seasonal push creates a need for workers that are not needed at other times of year, so the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are often characterized by a mad rush to get workers in the door and trained. An ATS can help immensely and the boon can certainly be good for recruiters, but there are a few things that you should know about seasonal hiring this year.

The Job Market Has Tightened Up

Unemployment is lower now than it has been in several years. While this is good for the economy, this is not necessarily good for companies that are looking to hire seasonal workers. While in past years employee candidates were grateful for an opportunity to work after being unemployed, it is harder to attract seasonal recruits that already have comfortable jobs; better wages and offerings may be required to get people in the door.

This Year May Be Busier

Holiday spending is expected to increase by about 10 percent over last year according to PwC’s Holiday Outlook. This means that an even greater numbers of workers will likely be needed to fill orders and take care of in-store customers than in past years. Using this knowledge to assist with hiring (and ordering) projections can be conducive to a successful holiday season.

Hiring for Quality Instead of Quantity Pays

It can be tempting to simply hire every person that fills out an application when hiring needs are through the roof, but it pays to take the time to hire quality employees. Hiring unqualified employees without checking references can result in theft, decreased productivity, and poor morale. Taking the time to hire only quality employees may help you to find some employees that are worth keeping on after the holiday rush and that add value to your company through the season.

Personality is Important

The holidays are often stressful and customers will likely test the patience of employees no matter what industry you operate in. Hiring people with personality that can defuse situations and bring cheer to the workplace can be of great benefit. The interview is the best part of the recruitment process for assessing personality, but the ATS can also be geared to pick out certain keywords that help with selecting for personality.

Good Recruiting Strategies Can Make a Difference

Good recruiting strategies can help you to net the right candidates and get them into position quickly so that you are prepared for the holiday rush. By targeting candidates in the right places, making it easy for candidates to apply, and streamlining the hiring, onboarding, and training processes, you work to ensure that you will have enough quality employees to carry your company through the holiday rush and drive dollars to the bottom line at this critical time of year.

Seasonal hiring can be tough, but can really pay off when the season is lucrative.  With the right techniques and a little patience, you may also find workers that are worth keeping on after the season is over. It is important to watch and plan for trends, however, as every year is different.

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