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5 Tips for Using ATS Software for Internal Promotions

By: Dave Rietsema
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Internal promotions can save a company time and money while bolstering morale. Applicant tracking system (ATS) software can make it easier to complete internal promotions and help to ensure the right fit of a candidate for a new position. The following are some tips that may be practical when just starting to use ATS software for internal promotions.

Create a Formal Job Description

Creating a formal job description helps to put required qualifications and necessary daily tasks for a position into words. Seeing this organized and succinct job description may work to eliminate some biases that were present when considering specific employees for a position. The job description can also be used to communicate to employees exactly what a promotion would entail so that there are no surprises.

Don’t Flood Employee Emails or Feeds

Since it’s easy to share a post about an open position to employees’ email addresses and social feeds, it can be tempting to share frequently. Doing this is a mistake, as it will likely devalue your internal promotion program.

Be conscientious and only offer internal promotions to those employees that are qualified and that may be interested. Personalizing your emails or job opening social shares will mean more to your employees and will help to save time filtering through unqualified applicants. You may also save hard feelings by limiting the number of employees invited to apply, rather than declining large numbers of employees.

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Think Outside of the Department Box

It may seem like a good strategy to invite only employees that have been trained in a department for promotions within that department, but this technique can be limiting. Employees working in different departments may have expertise and interest in areas outside of their department and may also offer a fresh perspective. You will still save the time and costs associated with helping a brand new employee acclimate, while gaining unique insights and enthusiasm.

Be Stringent with Filtering

ATS software filtering options should be geared toward a specific position so that the filters are still useful. Obviously current employees have already “passed” through basic filtering for your company and their current position, so these filters must be changed to work properly. Smart employees will also tailor their resumes for the new position, further increasing the effectiveness of new filters.

Use ATS Software Options as for New Candidates

Notes, scoring, response emails, profile tags, and other ATS software tools can be just as helpful when promoting internally as when hiring externally. While interviewers and hiring managers may be familiar with the employees applying for a position, it can be tough to make a decision that isn’t based on favoritism if the right systems and tools aren’t used. It can also be demeaning to employees to apply for a job and never hear back if another employee is chosen, response emails can help with this.

Internal promotions can be beneficial for a company in several ways, but should still be treated as seriously as external hires. Using ATS software in these ways can help to keep the process smooth while making sure the best employee for the job is chosen.


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