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5 Tips To Speed Up Your Hiring

March 2, 2017 By: Dave Rietsema
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While hiring the right person for the job is always important, it has become more critical than ever to also hire quickly. After a long period of heightened unemployment rates in which many skilled workers could not find a job and those that did have jobs were keeping them, hiring has finally picked up.

This change is shifting the perception, making employees more comfortable about leaving jobs. Since hiring may have to be done at a moment’s notice, it is wise to be proactive and reform hiring practices so that you are able to acquire quality new hires quickly and move them into position fast.

1. Strategically Post Your Job Ads

If you post job ads to every available source and rake in hundreds of applications, it will naturally take a long time to sift through all of the applications. This can bog your hiring process down without adding any real value. If you strategically post your job ads to places that your desired candidates are more likely to see them and skip generic job boards, you may receive fewer applications that are of higher quality.

It may take a little research to figure out the best mediums for reaching your desired applicant pool. An ATS with analytics can be helpful. You can review data regarding application sources and figure out which sources have yielded the most and best candidates.

2. Make Your Job Ad Clear and Comprehensive

Your job ad is your first communication with a potential employee, so being as forthright as possible will help to set a basis for the rest of the relationship. Explaining exactly what qualifications are needed and what will be expected will help you to net applicants that are likely to stay longer than if you are vague about these items.

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3. Improve Communications Among the Hiring Team

When several different departments or team members are responsible for different phases of the hiring process, it can cause delays if communication isn’t streamlined. Creating an easy way for members of the hiring team to communicate regarding new applicants can speed this up. Alerts letting hiring team members know when applicants have passed to their phase of the hiring process can also be helpful.

4. Reduce Interview Time without Sacrificing Quality

Interviews tend to take up the most time of any step in the hiring process, but are also generally the most critical. By asking just a few questions that are geared toward finding out how skilled, ambitious, and well matched a candidate is, the interview time can be cut down and you can still pick out the best candidates. Putting research and effort into figuring out the best interview questions to ask can really pay off.

5. Automate Onboarding

After the recruitment phases have been completed and a hiring decision has been made, automating onboarding can help to trim even more time and get the new employee into position quickly. Automating onboarding also allows the employee to be proactive in submitting their own information to get started and gives them the opportunity to learn more about the company on their own terms.

Authored by: Dave Rietsema


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