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We’re Applicant Tracking Systems, a site that helps you locate the solutions you need to optimize your recruitment processes so that you can find the aces and put them into place faster.

Dave Rietsema

Dave Rietsema


Our Founder

Our founder, experienced and dedicated long-term HR professional Dave Rietsema, has worked as an HR generalist and HR manager for several years in various industries. He knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, and he’s intent on making your vendor searches easier. In fact, he’s worked on the very same types of HR projects that you might find yourself working on. That’s where the idea for Applicant Tracking Systems was born.

What We Do

We help you find the Applicant Tracking System that will meet your needs and budget, without putting undue stress on your team in the process. We know that finding the right software solution is not always easy. We take the burden of the research load off your team while providing you with insights into the vendors and solutions that will fit with your organization best.

Our ATS Software Selection Tool allows you to identify your top ATS priorities and gives us the information that we need to start searching for your best options. Once we know about some of the particulars of your industry, the size of your organization and workforce, and how to get in touch with you when we find some solutions that fit your needs, we can get started. Using this information, we will recommend several solutions that fit the criteria so that you can get down to business.

We are equipped to help companies of all shapes and sizes. If you run a staffing firm, finding the right Applicant Tracking System may be particularly helpful. With the right ATS in place, you may be able to meet a greater demand and sort through a higher volume of applications, effectively improving some of your main business processes.

With our help, you can skip over the tedious parts of discovering a new ATS solution and jump right into the part where you start to enjoy the benefits of improved recruitment processes.

Lucerna Sites

We are dedicated to providing the very best matching services available for forward-thinking organizations and top-of-the-line HR software vendors.

HR software can assist with making sure that a company’s most valuable asset – talent – is taken care of properly. HR software solutions are more robust now than ever before, helping to engage employees and transforming the roles of HR professionals. Solutions offer so much more than payroll, with employee self-service, time and attendance tracking, performance reviews, and a vast array of other options coming standard with most packages.

At HRPayrollSystems.net, we help to make your HR software search easier and more enjoyable. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and have been trusted by some of the biggest names throughout many industries to help with HRIS vendor matching. On our site, we offer informative articles to guide you through the selection and implementation process, as well as edifying and entertaining blogs about the human resources life. 

Applicant Tracking Systems

Let us help you find the solution to optimize your recruitment processes. Better recruitment processes can help your company to attract top talent, move employees from candidate status to actionable positions faster, and improve employee satisfaction – all while saving you time and stress. Paperless recruitment solutions also mean better organization and less work to meet compliance requirements.

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