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How To Make an ATS Work for Your Business

By: Dave Rietsema
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An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can be a valuable money and time saver – or a money and time pit if the wrong solution is selected or it is not used correctly for your business. It is important to make sure that you select an ATS that works with the characteristics that make your company unique and help to enhance your hiring processes. After you have selected the ATS, it is also important to implement and use it is such a way that your business truly benefits.

Select an ATS That Works with Your Business Size

ATS solutions generally work best for staffing agencies, enterprise level businesses, or small or medium sized businesses. It is important to select an ATS that works specifically for your type and size of business so that you are spared the time and effort of trying to make it work. Do research and read reviews about how a solution has worked for other businesses similar in size and kind before reaching out to a vendor.

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Make Sure the ATS Fits Your Company Culture

Your company culture is unique and your ATS should reflect that. The ATS may be the first point of contact that a new employee has with your business, so it should adequately represent your business in the way that it looks and the information that you are able to input. Customization options and the appearance of dashboards can make a big difference in whether the ATS really fits with your company culture or not.

Check the Job Posting Capabilities Ahead of Time

Before you commit to a specific ATS, make sure you understand how well the ATS works with the social media sites that you use for recruiting and how exactly job posting works. Ask the vendor to walk you through the job posting process and give you details –or show you examples – of how the system interacts with social sites. You don’t want to get stuck with a system that doesn’t allow you to use the tools that already work for you or limit your recruiting abilities, so make sure that the system is compatible in these ways.

Customize the ATS to Represent Your Business

After you have selected the system and started to get it implemented, take the time to customize and make it really line up with your company’s personality and vision. Add brand logos and tidbits of information that will help applicants to see what your company is about.

Test Run the System from All Sides

After the system is in place, but before go-live, test run the system. Make sure that you understand exactly what applicants will see through all phases of the hiring process and what recruiters and hiring managers will see after the applications are submitted and as employees are moved along through the hiring cycle. This will allow you to make changes and tweaks that will allow the system to work that much better for your company.

Track ATS Effectiveness and Change As Needed

After the system is in place, don’t become complacent. Compare hiring data and costs from before the system was implemented to statistics from after the system was put in place. Use this data to figure out exactly how you can make the system work better for you and then make those changes.

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