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Establishing ATS Software User Access Controls during Implementation

By: Dave Rietsema
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For many companies, hiring is a process that requires multiple parties across an organization. While establishing several layers in the hiring process can be beneficial in weeding out less qualified employees and bringing on only top talent, it can also put sensitive information in front of a large audience if the right controls aren’t in place.

For best results, establish the following applicant tracking system (ATS) software user controls during implementation.

Main Site Controls

The site administrator is usually the role with the highest degree of access, so there should only be one or a few in any company. Site administrators can see any information and create plans for the rest of the hiring team. Site administrators are also able to make changes to rules and filters that may affect the way applicants are viewed.

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Position Administrators

Position administrators can perform most tasks and view most information for specific jobs. Establishing the position administrator user access controls during implementation can help to limit the number of people creating hiring plans and better direct hiring efforts. Job administrators can still schedule interviews, move candidates through the hiring process, and perform other essential functions, but the candidate personal information that they see may be limited.

Limited Access Users

People that are simply in charge or interviewing or performing reference checks may have limited access. They may be able to see notes from previous steps in the hiring process, basic information that can assist with hiring decisions, and candidate scorecards. Only having access to this essential information and these functions can actually make life easier for users that only need to use the software for certain tasks, as well as enhancing security.

Employees and Basic Users

Employees may be allowed very restricted access to ATS software in order to allow referrals and social sharing of positions. Employees shouldn’t be able to see any candidate information or take part in the hiring process, but they should be able to see open positions. Opening up this option may make employees feel more empowered and involved in hiring processes – without compromising security.

User Access Customization

The exact requirements at each stage of the hiring process vary from company to company, so it may be helpful to select ATS software that allows for customization in access controls. With customization, it’s possible to make entire employee profiles invisible to certain users and set controls by individual or department. The type of information that each user can see can also be customized for the highest security standards.

Establishing user access controls during the implementation stage can set a company up for success. Deciding which hiring team members will have access to what and setting up controls during implementation allows employers and human resources managers to see how the controls work and take care of any bugs before go live. Establishing user access controls at this time also allows hiring team members to get a preview of exactly what they will see after go live.


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