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ATS Software: Company Benefits

By: Dave Rietsema
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Most employers have heard of ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems. However, some don’t understand how their company could benefit from implementing one or they feel that the system in place is working – even if there are some issues with it. Other companies have ATS software in place, but the system is from the dark ages and is in dire need of an upgrade.

Change is never easy, so sometimes it is helpful to understand the warning signs that your hiring system or legacy ATS could use an overhaul. The following are top signs that your company would benefit from purchasing and installing a shiny new applicant tracking system.

You Hire A Lot

If more than 20 people per year are hired at your company, you may benefit from implementing ATS software. ATS benefits include not only sorting through a large candidate pool quickly, but also attracting and bringing the best of the best to the top of the list. Even if you are hiring just little over 20 employees per year, ATS software can help your company make more new hires count by bringing in the top talent in the area.

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Screening Applications Takes a Significant Amount of Staff Time

Going through applications can be a grueling task, particularly when a vast majority of applicants are unqualified. If a significant amount of staff time is spent going through applications, interviewing barely qualified candidates, and putting feelers out to try to reel in a larger number of candidates, your hiring system needs work. Implementing ATS software may immediately give you a sizable ROI if your staff hours can be directed towards more lucrative tasks.

The Hiring Process Takes Way Too Long

When hiring processes take too long, companies suffer from understaffing, which in turn can hurt the quality of customer service and the quality of the work being done. Instead of sinking more hours into hiring or watching your company slowly deteriorate, putting a high quality ATS in place can help to turn the dysfunctional system around.

If you can quickly fill needed positions, ATS software can benefit companies in multiple ways. Not only will you maintain the quality of work and customer service, you will also prevent dangerous employee morale problems from developing. Understaffed invariably means that the remaining staff will be overworked, which can start to unravel the company culture that you have worked so hard to build.

Your ATS Software Doesn’t Work Well with Social Media

Social recruiting is a staple of modern recruitment. If you have an ATS in place, but it does not seamlessly integrate with social media, it may be time to start looking for a new system. By keeping up with modern recruitment methods and making it easy for current employees to share information about job opening with friends, you let employee candidates know that the company cares about their employees and reassure them that the company is doing what it takes to stay relevant.

Candidates Find It Difficult to Apply

Whether you have ATS software in place or not, if your candidates are finding it difficult to apply they will move on to the next opportunity. High quality candidates expect to be able to find information about the company quickly, upload a resume with no issues, apply with just a few clicks, and receive feedback in a timely manner. If any of these components is missing from your hiring system, it may be time for you to start thinking about getting a new applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking Systems

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