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ATS and Employee Job Search

By: Dave Rietsema
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While applicant tracking systems are undoubtedly a part of the landscape or future landscape of any forward-thinking company, ATS have a bad reputation with potential employees. With the introduction of ATS into a company’s recruiting processes, the time spent by recruiters actually reviewing resumes is generally about six seconds or less each. Many employees feel that this can hurt their odds at getting the job, regardless of their qualifications – and sometimes they are right.

Keyword Filtering Isn’t Perfect

Keyword filtering can sometimes eliminate employees that are qualified but not hip to strategically gearing their resumes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, keyword filtering may also allow employees that are not qualified but that understand how the system works to sneak their way in. It is important to use the ATS as one point of the recruitment process, not to rely on the system as the only major filtering system for employee candidates.

Your Input Matters

What you put into the ATS in terms of job descriptions and company information matters. It may help to think of your input as marketing for potential staff instead of customers. As with marketing, you need to “sell” your company in a realistic light so that top talent will desire to work at your company and will not feel misled or disappointed if they are hired.

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ATS Can Make Applications Relevant Longer

While paper resumes must be held for a certain length of time, it is difficult, time consuming, and usually unproductive to sift back through old resumes when a new position opens up. By implementing an ATS, however, you may prolong the useful life of the resumes and applications that you receive from employee candidates. The system can easily reach back and pull up old resumes that may be relevant to current openings, even cross referencing them with different keywords and job descriptions in some cases.

Continuous Research Is Required for Best Use of ATS

Employee candidate habits change, competing companies change, and technology improves continuously. All of these moving pieces may work to quickly make your job description less appealing or otherwise impact your search for the perfect employee candidate. It is important to regularly research these types of topics and make sure that you are making the best use of your ATS.

Further Research Should Be Conducted On Employee Candidates

The ATS should never be the only stop between application submission and the interview. No matter what industry your company operates within, there should always be a reference check conducted to ensure the accuracy of the employee candidates’ listed experience and qualifications. Depending on your industry, you may also wish to research the employees candidates’ social media accounts and get a general idea of their online profiles.

ATS Can Help You and the Employee Candidate

When ATS are updated regularly and used optimally, they can help you to hire the best candidates for your company and can help to ensure that your company is a good match for a candidate. The filtering options can save time for your company, but it is necessary to make sure that you understand how the system is sorting applications so that you know you are not missing out on great candidates or letting too many unqualified candidates through. When the right controls are in place, ATS can make the job search more pleasant for everyone involved.

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