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Selecting ATS Software for a Large Company

By: Dave Rietsema
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For large companies, it’s clear that some sort of support system must be in place to ease the burden of hiring. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software can make it easy to receive applications from many candidates, store, and process them, but some systems may be better suited than others. If you’re looking into selecting ATS software for a large company, consider the following factors.

Intuitiveness of System

The intuitiveness of ATS software should always be a consideration when making a selection, regardless of company size. However, it’s even more critical when using ATS software across multiple locations in a company with thousands of employees. Allowing hiring staff at several locations to attend demos and test drive free trials may help to ensure that the software is user-friendly enough to be used throughout the whole company.

Multilanguage Support

If your company operates across several countries, it’s important to make sure that the selected ATS software supports the languages in all of those countries. Be aware that “multi language support” can mean that the ATS software supports just two languages and do your research to make sure that the languages you need are supported. Selecting one solution that can support all locations can help you maintain consistency in your hiring practices.

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Supported Industries

If your large company spans several industries, your ATS software should do the same. Most recruitment technology was designed for certain industries, so a solution that seems to fit your company may not actually work well for you if a few of your ventures stray outside of the optimal scope of the software. Speak with vendors and run different solutions by the hiring managers and staff within each company to get a feel for your best ATS software pick.

Compliance across Multiple Countries

Laws vary from country to country, so it can be tough to keep up with all of the regulations that pertain to hiring practices within your particular company and industries if you try to do so organically. ATS software that supports compliance across multiple countries can keep your hiring staff up to date with applicable laws. Software may also help you to submit reports correctly and avoid penalties and fees.

References from Similar Companies

When doing research on different ATS solutions, finding out how the software worked for similar companies can help you to get a clearer and more accurate picture of how the software will work for your company. Vendors will invariably advertise the merits of their software in comparison to other software while leaving out or minimizing the problems that have been reported. References and reviews from other companies will be less biased and more helpful in spotting potential problems.

The reviews that are posted online, particularly on vendor websites, may have been curated to reflect the fine points of the software. For this reason, it may be best to directly ask companies about how particular ATS software is working for them. You could glean insights not available through other means using this approach.

ATS software for a large company should be thoughtfully chosen. Considering these factors could help you to select a solution that improves your hiring processes for years to come.

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