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By: Dave Rietsema
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Having the right employee in the right place at the right time can literally be a matter of life and death when you operate in the healthcare industry. Hiring for medical facilities can be complicated, however. Whether you‘re hiring a brain surgeon, dietician, or cleaning personnel, you must take steps to keep your patients safe.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software can help you make the best hiring choices for your medical facility while also streamlining your hiring processes.

Sourcing and Resume Parsing

Whether you’re a large hospital receiving hundreds of resumes at a time or a small private practice receiving only a few per opening, ATS software can help you to best source and filter your applicants. Recruitment solutions that cater to medical facilities optimize the way that jobs are posted and the places in which those postings appear so that top talent is targeted.

Once resumes start coming in, ATS software assists with filtering, highlighting the resumes of the candidates that best fit with organizational needs. Resume parsing can save medical hiring professionals hours and help recruiters to avoid overlooking top talent.

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Competency Testing and Screening

Medical staff members need to be well educated and competent, but they also need to be personable, stable, and able to function in high stress situations. It’s necessary to perform comprehensive skills assessments, health checks, and background screenings at a minimum. Ideally, personality tests and other evaluations may help to ensure that the right person is selected for the job.

Recruitment software can be used to administer many tests and to record notes and documentation about background and experience. Many software solutions enable administrators to customize tests and pre-employment criteria to fit the needs of the particular facility.

Performance Predictors

Some ATS software includes performance predictors that will forecast how well a potential employee will do in different situations, how their behavior will be, and how long they may stay in position based on all information gathered throughout the screening and interviewing stages. While performance predictors shouldn’t be strictly followed, they can be helpful in spotting red flags and weeding out potential problem employees before a job offer is made.

Improved Interviews and Scheduling

Medical facilities don’t operate on a nine-to-five schedule, so it can be difficult to coordinate interviews. ATS software makes it easy to see the schedules of hiring staff so that interviews can be planned on the spot and time-to-hire can be cut down.

ATS software can be used to optimize the efficacy of interviews, as well. Interview templates and scoring systems help interviewers to glean as much information as possible in a short time. Candidate profiles can also be updated with notes and scores from interviews so that all hiring personnel are always on the same page with each candidate.

Continuous Training and Education

Training tools available through ATS solutions can help new medical staff acclimate to your facility, providing insights into how your specific practice works. Training modules, information libraries, and webinars can also keep staff members up to date with new information and groundbreaking news that will help your facility best serve patients. Offering continuous training can help you keep your practice a cut above the rest.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

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