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Why Mobile Accessibility Should Be a Priority for Your ATS

By: Dave Rietsema
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When selecting an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), there are a number of criteria that you may wish to prioritize. For any forward thinking company, however, mobile accessibility should be a non-negotiable feature. Mobility is no longer just a nice option for an ATS, it is quickly becoming a necessity.

Many Applicants Will Only Apply Through Mobile

The vast majority of adults use their mobile phones for just about everything. An ATS that is optimized for mobile caters to job seekers by finding them where they already are and making it easy for them to apply. Many job seekers only use their mobile phones to find and apply for jobs, so making this an option can increase the size of your candidate pool and help you to reach top talent.

ATS Users Appreciate Mobile Access

Recruiters, hiring managers, and other executives that are part of the hiring process can benefit from being able to see and respond to applications while on the go. Depending on the characteristics of the job, being able to receive alerts regarding applicants while out of the office can improve communications and help recruiters and hiring managers make the best use of their time.

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Mobile Access Could Reduce Time to Hire

When recruiters and hiring managers are able to see and respond to applicants immediately using mobile, it can dramatically reduce the time to fill positions. Managers do not have to wait until they are in front of a computer or reviewing paper applications, they can receive messages on their mobile device and instantly take action. Filling positions faster can save money while improving the organization in countless ways.

Your Company Reputation Could Be at Stake

Job seekers are beginning to expect to be able to search for your company name and find out information about careers. Not having this information attached to your company name can make your company seem behind the times and disorganized. Your company reputation may suffer from these perceptions and top talent will likely be deterred from applying.

Hiring Workflows Will Be improved

Hiring workflows are often what delays hiring the most, because the schedules and responsibilities of those in the hiring chain can vary. Mobile accessibility can help to mitigate these issues and streamline hiring workflows by making it possible for each person in the hiring chain to respond at their convenience from anywhere.

Vendors Are Likely to Be More Adaptable

ATS vendors that offer mobile accessibility are much more likely to be adaptable to changing technologies and demands than those that have not yet adapted to this medium. When selecting an ATS, it is important to find a vendor that can help your company move into a prosperous future. Companies that offer mobile accessibility are showing in one way that they can adapt as needed.

While some companies may benefit more than others from an ATS with mobile accessibility, being able to access careers information through this medium is becoming the standard. Failing to meet this expectation could impact your recruitment processes. Be sure to consider this feature as a priority when reviewing ATS solutions for selection.

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