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How Can Getting an ATS Help Your Recruiting Budget?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Selecting, purchasing, and implementing an ATS can take time and money. However, spending on an ATS upfront may end up saving your company quite a bit in the long run.

If your recruiting budget is getting in the way of your bottom line, purchasing an ATS may help you in the following ways.

Measuring Your Hiring Costs

When recruiting is done using a piecemeal approach with manual tasks performed by a few individuals that are also doing other things, it can be very difficult to track how much you are spending. Putting an ATS in place may help you to track how much money is being spent hiring each individual. By making recruiting costs easier to track and more transparent, you may be able to optimize your hiring process to get your best return on investment.

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Reduce Reliance on Hiring Agencies

By putting an ATS in place, you may be able to reduce your company’s reliance on hiring agencies. While these companies may still have their merits depending on the structure of your company, things like posting job ads, reviewing resumes, and onboarding become faster and easier for a small HR staff to handle. Reducing reliance on hiring agencies may save money on an immediate and continual basis.

Save Labor Hours

If HR staff or managers are spending long hours reviewing resumes and moving eligible candidates through the hiring process, implementing an ATS can save labor hours. Depending on the nature of the company and the individually assigned job tasks, you may be able to cut out an entire position or allow your employees to put their time towards more meaningful and revenue producing tasks. The time that is spent with resumes and candidates will also be more likely to yield higher quality new hires.

Reduce Onboarding Costs

Most ATS integrate with other automated systems, making it a snap to move applicant information from candidate status to employee files. When you can move information from one system to another with just a few clicks, it can save time and money from having new hires fill out the same information over and over again and then having HR enter it into the appropriate fields. Costly and time consuming errors may also be avoided.

Get Employees into Positions Faster

Perhaps the biggest impact of an ATS is the time saved on moving an employee from applicant status into an actionable position. Up until the time that an employee is able to function in a productive way, the employee is basically just costing the company money going through training and learning the ropes. By speeding this process up, an ATS can help a company save a lot of money on recruiting costs, while also mitigating the amount of time that the company is operating understaffed.

While an ATS cannot fix a broken recruiting system, an ATS may be able to reduce the amount that needs to be spent on recruiting on a continuing basis. The recruiting system may also be optimized, which can be priceless.

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