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Attracting Top Talent with Catchy Job Postings

May 30, 2019 By: Dave Rietsema
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For a company, the first impression is the job posting. Think of a job posting as an advertisement for your company’s open position. If the job posting is boring or doesn’t catch the eye, the candidates may just pass right by without clicking on it to read more.

Whether or not you’re getting leads from the posting isn’t always a good measure of how well the posting is written. A bad job posting may attract candidates who are desperate for anything that comes their way. Top talent, however, may pass it by in search of something better.

If good candidates are searching for a new job, they’re not going to be looking for just anything. Even if they’re wanting to leave a current position, they’d be looking for something that’s not just a carbon copy of what they’re trying to escape.

So how do you write catchy job postings?

Know Your Target Audience

The best place to start is by looking at who you consider a top candidate for your company. What type of person are you wanting to hire for that job? The job posting should be geared towards the type of applicant your company wants to attract and should be written with them in mind.

Look at Your Current Employees

You can use your current employees that are in the same department as the job listing to get started. What characteristics of your existing team would you look for in a new hire? What skills are currently lacking that you would like a new hire to provide?

Talk to your employees to discover their career goals and what drew them to your company in the first place. What do they like about their jobs? Especially for candidates who are looking to leave a current job, company culture can be just as important, if not more so, than the details of the job description.

Advertise Your Job Opening

Job postings are very much like advertisements. They’re there to catch the attention of potential recruits and to sell the job to them. A lot of the same techniques that are used in marketing also apply to job postings. The goal is to not only write a posting that catches the eye and gets potential candidates to click on your posting, but that also describes exactly what it is that you’re “selling”.

Job Posting Optimization

SEO can be very important to the recruiting process. It’s essential to know exactly what keywords candidates are using when they search for jobs and match your job posting to those keywords. This means that creative titles like “Marketing Wizard” and “HR Ninja” shouldn’t be used, as they’re unlikely to be among the keywords candidates are using to search.

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