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Should You Consider Offering Unlimited PTO?

For employees, unlimited PTO sounds like a dream come true. They can take off as much time as they want. They don’t have to worry about sick days or taking…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: June 12, 2019

How Employee Advocacy Can Help Your Recruitment Cause

Employee advocacy has become a recruitment buzzword that has employers and recruiters scrambling to try to harness it. With the dynamic of hiring shifting from an employer controlled market to…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: March 20, 2019

Should You Try to Poach Your Competitors’ Employees?

The current labor market is tight; it can be difficult to find top talent that isn’t already working in the field. With this in mind, it can be tempting to…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: March 8, 2019

Using ATS Software for Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are a valuable source for candidates. Candidates referred by existing employees are often hired faster and retained longer than candidates reached through external recruitment efforts. Using ATS software…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: May 4, 2018

Helping New Recruits Keep the Enthusiasm Alive

The goal of every recruiter is to perfectly match a candidate with a job, leaving the candidate satisfied for the long haul and filling the vacancy for the company. Unfortunately,…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: March 14, 2018

Does Your Workplace Have a Toxic Culture?

Employees and employers alike often tend to accept workplace culture as the norm, rather than analyzing it critically. When a workplace culture is pleasant, it can be welcoming to new…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: February 21, 2018

Could a Shorter Work Day Work for Your Company?

The eight hour work day and 40 hour work week has been the standard in the United States for decades now. A company called Tower Paddle Boards – and the…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 11, 2016

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Job Description

Job descriptions have been around since the advent of jobs themselves, but the importance of job descriptions from a big picture focus is often underestimated. Many HR professionals and recruiters…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: June 7, 2016

5 Tips for Using an ATS to Build Great Teams

Any company that purchases an ATS is obviously trying to improve their hiring practices in the short term, but what is often taken for granted is that the ultimate goal…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: June 6, 2016

Protecting Your Company from Staffing Shortages

Just two years ago, there was a bout of panic as economists announced that the U.S. workforce was at its lowest rate since 1978. This was in part due to…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: March 11, 2016
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