How to Continue Hiring During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy in a major way. Many businesses that aren’t considered essential by the government have been forced to temporarily close. Some have had to…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: June 1, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Recruiting Software

Most companies have adopted some type of recruiting software to assist with hiring. Recruiting software is a fact of life that is only bound to be more widely seen as…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: January 30, 2020

What You Need To Know About Using a Resume Formatting Service

Resume formatting is a mindless task. While it may be helpful for the recruiting process, the actual task of formatting resumes is a waste of a hiring manager’s time. This…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: January 22, 2020

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged and motivated is a problem faced by companies the world over. They may be present for a full eight-hour shift, but that doesn’t mean they’re working productively…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: November 4, 2019

What Can You Do to Avoid Gender Discrimination?

Gender-based discrimination and harassment have been a big issue lately. Especially with the rise of the #metoo movement, it’s important to make sure that your company culture isn’t one that…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: October 11, 2019

Using Recruitment Companies for Hiring

Countless hours are spent discussing a job opening, creating a job posting, advertising the job, searching for and screening potential candidates, interviewing (sometimes multiple times), checking references, and far more.…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: May 30, 2019

Hiring the Previously Fired

No one likes being fired. Not only does it mean that the person who was fired now needs to search for a new job, but being fired could be construed…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: May 13, 2019

How Hiring Is Truly Changing in 2019 and Beyond

Many things about hiring have changed over the past few decades, but the basics of recruitment have stayed the same. Recruitment breaks down to a few steps: job posting, application…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: May 1, 2019

Make Sure the Price is Right When Making an Offer

The recruitment process is difficult, but even after you’ve sifted through all the candidates and selected the best person for the job, you still have a critical part to attend…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: February 27, 2019

Dos and Don’ts of Hiring for Culture Fit

Employees generally spend more time working than they do on any other single task. If an employee loves their job and fits in with the culture and people around them,…

By: Dave Rietsema Posted: February 12, 2019
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