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How to Evaluate and Select a Cloud Based ATS

By: Dave Rietsema
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Cloud based applicant tracking systems (ATS) carry many advantages, especially for companies that plan to expand or go global. Selecting a cloud based ATS may be a little challenging for companies that are used to working with an on-premise solution, however. The following are a few things to consider when evaluating and selecting a new cloud based ATS.

Style and Intuitiveness

Style and intuitiveness of a system is important whether you’re selecting a cloud based or on-premise system. The style of the dashboards should agree with your company’s feel and theme, whether that be professional, playful, efficient, personalized. The system should also be easy to use and cater to the personalities and capabilities of your desired candidates.

Sourcing Model

It you’re looking to acquire ATS software that sources applicants as well as stores information, be sure to consider the sourcing model when evaluating potential systems. Some cloud based ATS software makes it possible to post to certain integrated job boards, social media sites, and careers pages with just a few clicks. When reviewing several systems, consider the way that each sources to find your best fit.

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Security of the System

Security of a cloud based system is a little different than security of an on-premise system. Since there is no physical system to protect, there is inherently less risk of internal breaches. Encryption and cyber security measures must be more stringent, however.

It may be worthwhile to work with an expert to be sure that the system you select and the measures you put in place will keep your applicant information safe from breaches.

Language and Cultural Support

If your company operates globally or if you plan to expand into other regions in the near future, consider the language and cultural support that’s offered with each selection on your short list. Selecting a cloud based system before expanding is a prudent move, but you want to make sure that your chosen system has the support you’ll need to operate in different areas. Making sure that candidates can easily apply and that regulations are understood can save headaches.

System Costs

Cloud based ATS solutions are generally billed as SaaS, so you will only pay monthly with no additional or hidden costs. This can save costs associated with on-site IT support, rental fees for equipment, and even moneys put towards maintaining a larger space and utilities for storing equipment.

When selecting a system that will be billed monthly, consider scalability so that you can pay now for only what you need now and tailor your system to fit your needs as your company expands. Take a hard look at your budget and make sure that your company can foot the costs for a new system even if you don’t immediately see a strong ROI on your cost per hire.

Selecting a cloud based system can improve the way that your company hires as you grow. Not all cloud based ATS solutions are exactly the same, so it’s important to evaluate certain elements and select the system that best fits your hiring structure and needs.

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