Pro Tip: Customize Your ATS Software During Implementation

By: Dave Rietsema
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Customizing your applicant tracking system (ATS) software can improve your brand appearance and the experience of all that use the software. When candidates can get a realistic idea of what to expect from your company right from the first impression, you will be more likely to attract lasting recruits. Your hiring staff may also thank you for making their jobs easier.

Customizing your ATS software during implementation can save you time and trouble later. While you may need to go back in to make a few adjustments as your team gets used to using the software, getting the bulk of the work done up front will help you see the best results at go live and beyond. Before you start to implement your ATS software, take the following steps.

Plan Formatting Ahead of Time

Your brand logo, colors, and language can be woven into the fabric of the dashboards so that your careers pages and application pages are unmistakably yours. This can help reinforce the brand theme and mission to candidates, but it can also remind hiring team members of why they are loyal and what they are looking for in candidates.

Planning formatting ahead of time allows you plenty of time to make changes and figure out exactly what you want people to see when using the ATS solution.

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Figure Out Access Levels

If access levels are determined and set immediately, they will already be in place through testing phases. This gives you a buffer, you can test access at all levels throughout the system to be sure that permissions are accurate and security breaches won’t occur. By the time you reach go-live, there is a greater likelihood that all permissions will be correct.

Input Existing Workflows

When setting up workflows in a new ATS solution, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Evaluate your current recruitment workflows and do your best to simply translate how you currently do things into the new system. If your workflows are disorganized, it may help to begin organizing the systems before implementation begins so that it’s easier to fill in fields and establish a recruitment pipeline within the software.

Optimize Screening Process and Questionnaires

If you have a screening process in place, you may be able to transfer it into a new ATS solution with ease, depending on the capabilities of the system and what your screening process entails. Consider this during the selection phase, being careful to pick a system that fits with your current systems. Set up the screening process during implementation so that you can better any areas that may be lacking and develop your own custom questionnaires.

Include Hiring Team Members in Decision Making

Your hiring team members will be the ones that use the system the most, so consider their feedback when making decisions about customization. The more involved your hiring team members are in the process of implementation and customization, the more likely they will be to champion the new solution. They may also provide insights that would be overlooked by upper management.

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