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Facebook Should Be In Your Recruiting Toolbox

October 20, 2016 By: Dave Rietsema
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Facebook has been around for over ten years now and has gone through a lot of changes, but there are still over 1.7 billion people that actively log into Facebook at least once per month. About one billion even use the platform daily. The potential of having that kind of reach should not be ignored by any forward thinking company.

When most companies think of Facebook, they think in terms of marketing to potential customers or engaging with customers. However, Facebook can be a valuable tool for recruiting if it is used properly. It is important to understand how to use Facebook for effective recruiting and have clear goals in mind before you set out so that your recruiting efforts are not in vain.

Don’t Ditch Other Recruitment Strategies

Facebook should not be your primary tool for recruitment. While you can make your company more visible to potential job seekers using Facebook, you should still be posting your job ads to more traditional job sites, using your ATS, looking for internal referrals, and doing all of the other things that make up your recruitment strategy. Facebook should be a supplementary tool and you should see how well it does before forming any expectations.

Consider the Direct Approach

Some companies post job needs right on Facebook as a status update or post. If you choose to do this, add a link so that employee candidates can find out more information and directly apply. This approach may work well for some companies, but it is not right for everyone and may become annoying to followers if too many job ads are continuously posted.

Encourage Employees to Share Job Needs

If you have a company culture in which employees feel like owners, they may wish to chime in with recruitment efforts and bring in some of their own crew. Encourage them to share job needs with their friends on Facebook, reposting job ads on their own personal pages or sending job description information via personal messages.

Draw Employees with a Subtle Approach

Taking a subtle approach to Facebook recruitment may help to draw in the ever-coveted passive job seekers. This approach is tricky to perfect, but can help to net you some seriously fantastic employees if done with poise. The exact strategy used to interest potential employees may vary widely from company to company, but depends on showing your company culture in the best light possible so that potential employees want to be a part of it.

Provide Plenty of Information

With the help of a careers page, you can broaden the amount of information extended to potential job candidates through Facebook. Careers pages can be used as a non-intrusive way to spread the word about job openings, recruitment events, company endeavors, and so much more. You can concentrate your focus on recruitment on these pages and allow interested employee candidates to do their own research, which may help to bring in some self-motivated employees.


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