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Finding Talent in Times of Labor Scarcity

January 10, 2019 By: Dave Rietsema
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As of September 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the highest number of job openings since 2000 – 6.2 million. While this is exciting news for the economy and job force, it introduces challenges to recruitment and staffing. For the first time in over a decade, there are more open jobs than skilled workers available to fill those jobs.

This makes hiring and retention more difficult, but it is still possible to create a great team. The following are a few tips for finding talent in a tight labor market.

Source Strategically

If you’re looking for tech savvy candidates, posting job ads on the newest social media sites might be prudent. If you’re looking for chefs hip to the newest trends, foodie bloggers might help your cause.

Don’t count on posting openings to only traditional job boards, as this will net you quantity without quality. You may also miss the passive candidates that will consider your company if they see the position opening on their favorite site while browsing in their free time. Think about your target audience carefully, do research to find out how best to reach them, then take action.

Look to the Youth

New workers graduating from college or even high school are not likely to have the years of experience that you typically require. Considering this group regardless of their lack of experience may help you to acquire valuable workers. There is no need to break preformed habits and you can train them, so in some cases the lack of experience can be an advantage.

Additionally, these workers are likely to be eager and enthusiastic. You are shaping their experiences for life, so they may repay you with loyalty.

Consider Under Qualified Candidates

Workers new to the workforce aren’t the only ones that may help fill staffing gaps during times of labor shortage. Older workers that have retired, parents that have been out of the workforce for years, former inmates and other under qualified candidates may be just the talent you are looking for. Consider personality, enthusiasm, and secondary skills that may add value to your team as you train these workers.

Polish Your Image

When your employees talk about how well they are treated and how much they love their jobs, it entices others to work for you. While it’s not easy to please everyone, making an effort to engage your employees and keep them satisfied pays off. Rewards, recognition, and competitive pay can do much more for your talent search than expensive advertisements.

Plan for the Future

Working with your local economic development organizations (EDOs) can help you to combat future labor shortages. EDOs help shape the programs available at the local high schools, technical schools, and colleges. Providing input about what your company needs could help other companies struggling to find talent in your neighborhood as well, while matching the training provided to new workers with community needs.

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