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Why You Might Want to Forego the All-In-One HR Software Solution

By: Dave Rietsema
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When it’s time to upgrade your HR software, an all-in-one solution can be attractive. Visions of viewing your recruiting database, your employee workflows, time and attendance tracking, and more from a single point may flow through your head and entice you to go for it. Before you jump into an all-in-one solution, however, consider some of the potential pitfalls and how they may impact your company.

Faults in Some Functionality

All-in-one solutions may do it all, but they may not do it all well. If their recruitment capabilities are mediocre or generic, top talent may be turned off from your company. Time and attendance tracking issues, payroll problems, and other faults may cost your company money and tarnish the brand image.

Many stand alone applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions and HR software solutions operate in the cloud and have the capacity to integrate and interact with other solutions. This can help you to achieve your single point dreams while allowing for specialization and even customization.

Overwhelmed Customer Support Personnel

An all-in-one solution has many features, which means there are many things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, the customer support for these products generally handle the entire product, rather than specializing in one or two areas. This decreases the odds that you will be able to find a satisfactory fix for your problem quickly and easily.

Minimal Competitive Advantage

An off-shelf, all-in-one HR software solution is going to act and look the same whether your company operates in retail, financial services, manufacturing, or another field. This doesn’t give your company the opportunity to use or show off its unique characteristics in ways that will attract amazing candidates or delight existing employees. A customizable solution may help you to bottle the essence of your company and use it strategically.

Hidden Fees

One of the attractive parts of a comprehensive solution is the single fee compared to multiple fees for disparate systems. However, some vendors are less than forthright when disclosing the fees. There may be a base fee that’s understood and agreed upon, but hidden fees may creep in when updates are needed, more in-depth customer support is desired, or other challenges arise.

Locked In Contract

Vendors offering all-in-one HR software solutions generally require a contract for services. A contract can keep you locked in with software that you quickly realize isn’t right for your company. Your HR staff, recruiters, and employees may become frustrated with the functionality and it could affect the way they feel about their job and the company.

When selecting HR software, don’t be swayed by the allure of an all-in-one solution. Research your options thoroughly and consider stand alone ATS software solutions that may better fit your needs and company structure. Customization may help you to attract the best candidates, which can in turn make your company grow and prosper faster.

No matter what solution you eventually select, make sure that you have done your research and decided upon software that is perfect for your company. If you need some help with research and selection, consider consulting vendor matching experts.

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