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How to Continue Hiring During a Pandemic

June 1, 2020 By: Dave Rietsema
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy in a major way. Many businesses that aren’t considered essential by the government have been forced to temporarily close. Some have had to layoff or furlough workers while others have been able to get grants or loans from the government to pay employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

Other companies are able to remain open by allowing employees to work from home or offering curbside pickup or delivery of products. Some companies have seen an increase in business and are actually looking to hire. But with social distancing in place, what is the best way to find the right person for the job?

Virtual Recruitment Strategies

Even while we maintain social distancing to protect ourselves and others, recruitment is still possible. HR managers may need to adjust their hiring strategies to take advantage of the software and technology available. Virtual recruitment will allow employers to keep themselves and their candidates safe.

Rethinking Hiring Needs

A pandemic can change a lot about how a company does business. Hiring needs may be radically different than during more normal times. If your company is seeing a lot of increased business, you may have many open positions to fill rather than a few. These positions may also be different from what your company usually offers. There may be more temporary positions. Full-time work may be more flexible as well as remote.

Remote Positions

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are more people working remotely than ever before. Remote work is a great way for many businesses to remain open while still obeying social distancing and other safety measures. Many positions that companies are now hiring for are also going to be remote. Candidates may also be looking more for remote positions than they ever have before. Offering remote work is a good way to attract top candidates to your company.

Applicant Tracking Systems

If you already have an ATS, finding candidates, advertising open positions on job boards, and accepting applications is already online. If you don’t already have an ATS, now is the time to invest in one. Even without a pandemic going on, an Applicant Tracking System can greatly simplify the hiring process.

Video Interviews

Interviews can be conducted remotely using video software. Your ATS may have built-in video software already that you can use for remote interviews. If it doesn’t, there are free or low-cost options available. With a video interview, you can still get all of the benefits of an in-person interview without any of the risks associated with actually being in-person during a pandemic.

Looking to the Future

The changes being made to the hiring process and to how companies conduct business may stay even after the danger of the pandemic has passed. Companies have adopted the technology and software needed to hire and operate remotely. Employees have proven that they can successfully do their jobs and remain productive remotely. Remote work has already been lauded as the way of the future and now it appears that the future may be here.

If you’re looking for an ATS to help your company with virtual recruitment, Applicant Tracking Systems can help. Check out our vendor match page to be matched with the ATS software vendor that will best meet your needs.

Applicant Tracking Systems

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