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How to Sell ATS Software to Management

October 23, 2018 By: Dave Rietsema
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So you’re in hiring and you have seen the future. You know that applicant tracking system (ATS) software is exactly what you need to speed up your hiring processes, bring your team together, and reel in that top talent. Now for the hard part, though: convincing the management.

Management is generally bottom-line focused. To win over your managers when it comes to investing in this software, you’re going to have to start thinking like them. The following are a few tips that can help point you in the right direction.

Crunch Some Numbers

ATS software doesn’t instantly bring to mind massive savings or increased profits. The benefits of improving your hiring practices and standards often take time to come to fruition and become visible. Your best bet is to look into case studies of other companies in your industry that have implemented ATS software and extrapolate their numbers to show how ATS software may benefit the bottom line.

While you will have to do some estimating in order to come up with a potential return on investment, use real numbers wherever possible. Use another company’s cost per hire before and after implementing ATS software and then figure your potential cost per hire savings by plugging your actual cost per hire in and figuring the difference or the percentage based on their savings.

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Bring Up Compliance

Complying with all of the laws regarding hiring and employment can be tricky, especially as those laws change. ATS software can help your company maintain records, organize files, and print reports as needed. Additionally, ATS software can provide updates regarding law changes so that HR professionals, managers, and hiring staff are all knowledgeable about the most current laws.

Having ATS assist with compliance needs can benefit the bottom line in a two main ways. First and foremost, penalties will be prevented. Labor may also be saved with automatic alerts and updates as opposed to research and training to figure out legislative changes.

Figure Out the Technical Aspects

Implementing ATS software is a lot easier now than it was in years past, but there are still a few technical elements. Figuring out how implantation will go down and who will be responsible for configuring the new software, testing it, and training all of the stakeholders will save your managers time and effort. They may be much more likely to come onboard with your idea if there is a plan in place that they can simply follow.

Do Your Research

There are many ATS software vendors and products available now, so selecting one that fits your company can be a chore. Looking at the multitude of options and doing the work to figure out which one meets your company’s needs can help you to showcase the benefits in a real way while also saving them the trouble of doing the research.

A free vendor matching service can help you to figure out your best option without spending hours or dollars. Vendor matching experts review the needs that you state and use their knowledge of different vendors and products to match you with a shortlist of your best options. Visit this vendor matching page to get started on your mission to improve your hiring with ATS software.


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