Modern ATS

Modern Era ATS

By: Dave Rietsema
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Applicant Tracking Systems have to keep pace with shifting trends and technology just a little bit faster than most other HR software solutions. An ATS is often the first point of contact between a potential employee candidate and your company, so you want to make the best impression possible.

If you still have the same ATS from several years ago and it works in exactly the same way, you are likely missing out on many advantages. If you have not incorporated an ATS into your recruitment processes at all, you could probably stand to benefit from a modern ATS solution.

Know Your Systems

There are two main types of ATS: those that work best for companies and those that work best for recruiting or staffing firms. ATS that are designed for companies help to manage the various aspects of the hiring process, especially the application process, application filtering, and communication with applicants.

ATS that are designed for staffing firms are best suited to helping agencies organize recruitment processes for several companies. Some of the same elements may be present as in ATS solutions best suited for companies, but there is likely to be less customization and a focus on sorting a larger number of applications faster.

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Understand Mobile Accessibility

Mobile is a big buzzword when it comes to any type of modern HR software solution, but not all mobile accessibility is the same. Some ATS that claim mobile accessibility are actually best suited to larger screens and can be awkward to view and use from a mobile device. Others require that an app be downloaded before the system can be used – which may deter potential talent.

Before agreeing to a contract with an ATS vendor and simply expecting the mobile functionality to work well, make sure you test drive it from both sides. Know what potential applicants will be looking at when they try to find out about careers and know what recruiters or hiring managers will be looking at if they try to log in while on the go.

Plan for the Future

Your company and the world are both very likely to change in the near future, so make sure your ATS will be able to adapt to these changes.

The need for upgrades and updates is inevitable, so selecting a system that factors these into your plan and schedules them at set times can save you headaches and money. Upgrades and updates should be initiated by the vendor and should take very little time on the part of HR, IT, or management to complete.

Flexibility and Scalability are also important to adaptation. Flexibility refers not only to the system, but to the contract, as you should be able to very easily shift your costs if your company grows or downsizes. Likewise, the system itself should be capable of being scaled down or up to handle a larger or smaller number of applications as needed.

By taking the time to make sure that your ATS is future-friendly and suited for both your company and the modern era before you sign a contract, you may work to ensure best fit. This could help you to optimize your recruitment processes and ultimately, the way your company does business.

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