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By Paycor (Formerly Newton)

Paycor, formerly called Newton, is a modern HCM solution that helps manage people from the beginning of the recruiting process to onboarding. It’s an applicant tracking system designed specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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Paycor Recruiting Software Overview

Paycor stands out from other applicant tracking software solutions because it was designed for HR hiring managers and teams by recruiters. The software is meant to behave and think just like a recruiter so that it’s a recruiting solution rather than a hindrance. It’s designed to eliminate the problems that recruiters face during the hiring process and to make recruiting simpler for HR teams.

Paycor Recruiting is everything you need for the applicant tracking and recruiting process. The recruiting software can integrate with other Paycor solutions or stand by itself. It can also integrate with job advertisements, pre-hire candidate assessments, and background checks.

By streamlining the recruiting and hiring process, Paycor intends to increase the productivity of HR professionals while reducing the workload of recruiting. Candidates can be contacted via text and profiles integrated into Paycor’s onboarding and other software so no manual data entry is required.

Why People Are Choosing Paycor

  • Designed by recruiters for recruiters
  • Ideal for small- to medium-sized companies
  • Posting job ads to job boards is free
  • Careers sites don’t require IT help and match your main website
  • Offer letters can be automated
  • Offer acceptance rates are improved
  • Candidates can easily respond
  • Interview scorecards save feedback from interviews
  • Useful analytics provide essential insight into companies’ hiring processes
  • Includes metrics such as lead sources and time-to-hire
  • Reports help keep companies compliant with EEO and OFCCP
  • Reasons for non-selection and flow, offer, and hire logs are automatically stored
  • Paycor Recruiting integrates with all of Paycor’s platform for a seamless applicant tracking system
  • Data is automatically transferred from Paycor Recruiting so manual re-keying isn’t required
  • Instant communication via text with prospects
  • Timely reminders allow easy follow-ups and reconnections with candidates
  • Promotes accountability and provides insights and visibility all in one platform
  • Provides intuitive tools to streamline the applicant tracking and hiring process
  • Dashboards for open positions, statuses, candidate pipelines, and approvals

Software Screenshots

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How Can Paycor Recruiting Help Your Company?

Paycor Recruiting was designed by recruiters who understand what companies need to make the applicant tracking and hiring process as easy as possible. Because the software was designed by recruiters instead of software developers, all of its features are tailored to meet the specific needs of what recruiters and hiring managers actually do and need every day.

Paycor Recruiting is mobile-ready so it can meet the needs of modern companies. Paycor believes that being mobile compatible provides the best possible experience for both companies and candidates and stays on top of the latest developments to continue to lead the ATS industry.

Instantaneous Communication with Candidates

Timely communication with candidates is vital to filling your company’s open positions. The faster you can communicate with your top candidates, the faster positions can be filled. This increases the offer acceptance rate. Paycor Recruiting offers timely reminders so nothing falls through the cracks.

In addition, companies can text candidates, which helps with collecting follow-up information and with reconnecting and maintaining relationships with candidates throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process. It’s also easier and faster for candidates to respond.

Compliance with Laws and Policies

Remaining compliant with all laws and regulations for your company’s location is vital to staying in business and company growth. Many companies also have their own policies, such as diversity in hiring policies, that go beyond what the laws require. Paycor Recruiting can help ensure that your company stays compliant with its own policies as well as EEO and OFCCP regulations by producing detailed reports. These reports can include reasons for non-selection if a candidate is not offered a position, as well as logs for flow, hires, and offers.

Integrations with Other Systems

Paycor Recruiting integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Paycor platform of HR software. It can also stand on its own as your ATS solution. Paycor offers a full suite of HCM solutions that companies can integrate with, from onboarding and learning management to attendance, taxes, and payroll. Paycor Recruiting can also integrate directly with any job advertisements, pre-hire assessments, and background checks.

Reporting and Analytics

Paycor Recruiting tracks essential metrics such as lead sources and time-to-hire. The analytics from this data provides valuable insights for your company’s hiring process. You can focus on job boards that provide the highest successful hire rate, for example. These analytics can then be turned into customizable reports that can be completed with only a few clicks of the mouse.

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