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Why Is Your Recruiting Process Failing?

November 20, 2017 By: Dave Rietsema
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Hiring is a fickle thing that is difficult to get just right. Every company has a unique culture and requires a specific skill set that can be difficult to nail down. The right employees can elevate a business and take it to new heights, while the wrong employees can quickly bankrupt a business.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get recruitment wrong. You may hire extremely talented individuals that quit after a week or brilliant interviews that can’t even perform basic tasks when called to the mat. You may even have trouble getting enough resumes to make strategic decisions or have boatloads of resumes coming in from unqualified candidates.

If your recruitment process is failing, the first step to fixing it is to figure out what the problem is. Talk to your recruiters, your new hires, and even your candidates that are still moving through the recruitment process to identify the snag or snags. The following are a few issues that may be causing your system meltdown.

Sourcing Isn’t Optimal

Top talent in your industry will not apply to your company if they don’t know that you’re hiring or how to apply. Proper sourcing is imperative to put your job ads in front of the right eyes at the right times. You can use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to post to job ads on social sites and you can hire or enlist third party sourcing experts to improve your sourcing.

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You Are Too Reliant on Your ATS

Your ATS should be a tool that assists with hiring, not your entire hiring strategy. ATS software can have bugs, so applications may get lost, great candidates may be overlooked, and poor candidates can be recommended as top talent.

While ATS software can be very helpful in sorting applications, screening, and other important elements of the recruiting process, your hiring team should be able to perform actions without the software. Hiring managers should be able to review applications that have been filtered to the bottom of the pile and critically review resumes that have been recommended. Hiring managers should also be able to interview and make decisions if the software malfunctions.

Screening and Focus Needs to Be Revised

Screening tools can be valuable in filtering out candidates that have criminal backgrounds and other issues that will make them less than ideal for your company. Focused interview questions and scorecards can be instrumental in helping you select candidates that are the best qualified and fit well with your company culture. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t foolproof.

If you find your recruitment process failing in one way or another, it may be wise to revise your screening process or change some or the questions being asked on screen tests or during interviews. Only change one or two things at a time, then re-evaluate your hiring. This will help you to optimize your screening process strategically.

Your Recruitment Team Is Too Lax – or Too Strict

Everyone has a unique personality, including your recruiters and hiring managers. Some may wish to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and a chance at a job opportunity, while others may feel that all of the qualifications in the world aren’t enough. Speaking with your hiring personnel about the methodology that they use during recruitment may help you to identify areas that can be improved.


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