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Recruiting Software for Small Companies

By: Dave Rietsema
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Small business owners must wear many hats, often working on the front lines as well as functioning as the HR department. Since there are fewer employees, many business owners feel that there is no need to purchase hiring software. However, the right recruiting software can take some of the pressure off small business owners without adding unnecessary complications or expenses.

Benefits of Recruiting Software

There are many tasks that come with hiring: posting job advertisements, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, saving information as required to comply with laws, and of course making a job offer. Whether business owners take on these tasks or assign them to a manager, the time and effort spent can take away from the more lucrative business tasks. The quality of hire and the candidate experience may also be impacted.

Recruiting software automates many hiring tasks and makes the hiring process more manageable. Software can often be set up to post job advertisements when needed and filter applications automatically. Information collected is stored in an organized fashion and can be retrieved or configured into reports in seconds.

For candidates, working with recruiting software is often much more pleasant than going through a hiring process that is handled manually or that relies on disparate systems. Information about a company and available jobs can be found with ease in the same place that an application can be filled out. This can help to attract a higher caliber candidate.

Selecting the Right Software

Researching overall top recruiting software vendors may be off-putting for the owners of small companies, as many of the top-rated solutions are tailored to fit large companies. This means higher costs and features that small companies would never dream of using. Selecting the right software that is made for small companies is critical.

Some recruiting software solutions can be acquired free of charge or can be scaled down to include only the most necessary features. These options can make it much easier for the owners of small companies to see the benefits of the software.

Top Software Vendors for Small Companies

There are many recruiting software vendors that cater to small companies, including:

  • Bullhorn, software that is tailored for smaller recruiting teams
  • Jobvite helps to recruit passive candidates using social avenues

Research and Vendor Matching Assistance

Vendor matching experts and comparison websites can be very helpful when it comes to selecting new recruiting software for a small company. Comparison websites can give you a side-by-side breakdown of the top names in the industry so that you can get a feel for the available features and functionality.

Vendor matching experts can help you in a one-on-one fashion. You can relay your recruiting needs and concerns while also talking about your budget and timeline with a person that understands completely and can make recommendations based on experience. If this sounds like something that would make your life easier, check out this page or call 866-989-0448.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Let us help you find the solution to optimize your recruitment processes. Better recruitment processes can help your company to attract top talent, move employees from candidate status to actionable positions faster, and improve employee satisfaction – all while saving you time and stress. Paperless recruitment solutions also mean better organization and less work to meet compliance requirements.

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