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How to Select the Best Applicant Tracking System

By: Dave Rietsema
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If you have evaluated your hiring processes and decided that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) could have benefits for your business, you must then figure out how to select the best system for your needs. Picking the best system is not as simple as going online and choosing the ATS that is the most popular, because it may turn out to be all wrong for your company. Every company has nuances in their hiring processes and needs that make it where one particular ATS will work above all of the others.

Involve Your Recruiters in Selection

There will most likely be one or a few people using the ATS regularly that currently take care of your company’s recruiting needs. These employees will be able to identify your company’s pain points with the greatest accuracy and figure out which system will be the easiest and best to use daily. Working one on one with the people that will be using the system during selection will also show those employees that you value their input and care to make their job better, which can build loyalty and boost morale.

Clarify Needs and ATS Priorities

Brainstorming sessions and lists can be valuable when it comes to figuring out what the top priorities are for your ATS. After the priorities have been clarified, they should be written down and ranked so that this list can be held firmly in the hands of each member of the ATS selection team while researching and reviewing different ATS system features. Having guidelines can help team members to avoid getting swept up in the excitement of picking a new system.

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Consider Compliance

When you are reviewing ATS features, make sure that the ATS will help with compliance needs. Failure to consider compliance when selecting a system may give your recruiters a ton of extra paperwork to do and possibly garner your company a hefty fine. It is still important to understand the basics of compliance requirements, but having an automated system that tends to most compliance needs can ease many worries.

Be Difficult During the Demo

Don’t be difficult just for the sake of being difficult, but put pressure on the vendor representative to show you the ins and outs of what the system can do. Make sure that employee candidates will have an easy time applying and recruiters will have an easy time making hiring decisions and moving information around. Intentionally make mistakes so that you can see how easy it is to recover from these.

Find Out About Support Quality

Many vendors offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but this offering is worthless if the support available is not high quality. Read reviews submitted by other companies using the systems on your shortlist and even talk to some of those companies if you can find an appropriate context. Make sure that once you commit to an ATS, you will be able to implement and use the system to your greatest advantage, receiving timely and high quality assistance when you need it.

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