Should Your Sourcing Be Separate from Your Recruiting?

April 6, 2017 By: Dave Rietsema
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It’s no secret that recruitment has changed dramatically in recent years and is still continuing to change. Technology has been a huge change catalyst, but some of the changes put into motion by technology have gone on to shape other aspects of recruitment and organizational structure. One such change is the evolution of sourcing as a separate and critical part of the recruitment process.

Are Your Recruiters Doing It All?

In the past, and indeed at present in many organizations, recruiters have been responsible for every part of recruitment. This may seem to make sense, but the fact is that sourcing has become increasingly complex and recruiters may not have the capacity or capability to optimize sourcing. If it seems that your organization is failing at recruitment, you may wish to take a look at how your sourcing is being handled.

Sourcing Is Highly Specialized

Sourcing can be defined as working to turn non-applicants into applicants. To be an effective sourcer, there must be an in-depth understanding of the company, the industry, and the ideal candidates. For this reason, many companies have created a completely separate position for sourcing.

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The Two Are Complimentary

Even when sourcing and recruiting are separate positions, the two are complimentary and necessary to one another. Some companies make the mistake of trying to define a strict dividing line between responsibilities for each position and this tends to create discord.

While it may help to assign the bulk of sourcing tasks to a designated sourcer and the bulk of recruiting tasks to recruiters, it’s best if there’s an understanding that the two positions will cross over. Sourcers and recruiters should also be encouraged to have open communication lines that can help each side optimize their strategies and ultimately elevate the hiring standards.

An ATS Can Assist with Communication

An ATS is a tool that can be used by both sourcers and recruiters for various aspects of the hiring process. By using the features of the ATS, both sourcers and recruiters can see job postings that have gone up, candidates that have begun to move through the hiring process, and many other fundamentals of recruitment. Having this information at a glance can improve transparency, communication, and the hiring process in general.

Review Your Processes and Company Structure

While sourcing and recruitment have some distinctions, separating the two into different jobs isn’t necessary or effective for every company. Companies on the small to medium side may not have the resources or the candidate volume to necessitate a sourcing department or even a single sourcer that is not also a recruiter.

Whether the two tasks are handled by a single person or department or are split up, however, it helps to think of the tasks as different parts that are equally important and deserving of attention. Viewing the recruitment process as one function that requires only one skill set is a mistake that could be damaging when it comes to attracting and acquiring top talent.


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