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Why You Shouldn’t Put Hiring on Hold through the Holidays

December 20, 2018 By: Dave Rietsema
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The holidays can be hectic. With the end of the year approaching, vacation times getting in the way of regular business hours, parties being planned, and everything else that this time of year brings, it can be tempting to put hiring on hold and pick it back up in January. Here’s why you shouldn’t do that:

Other Companies Have Put Hiring on Hold

With a labor crunch making it harder to find great candidates, keeping up your hiring efforts through the holidays can give you an edge on the competition. Giving that ideal candidate a call back now instead of waiting several weeks can help you get to them before the other companies that they applied for.

Many Candidates Are Thinking about a New Start

New Year’s resolutions are making their way into people’s minds and switching jobs may be at the top of some lists. Candidates that are thinking about a fresh start may be more responsive at this time of year, especially if they are disappointed with the way their current company is handling off time and bonuses. Timing is important in recruitment; this may just be the perfect time to approach certain candidates.

The Office is Quieter at this Time

With people out of the office for holiday breaks, you may find the office quiet and peaceful at this time of year. With the regular demands of HR currently on the back burner, this could be the perfect time to scour LinkedIn pages for passive candidates, update job descriptions and advertisements, and give your recruitment systems a minor overhaul.

It Will Help Mitigate January Stress

Many companies put a hold on hiring efforts through the holidays, picking it back up in January. This can make for a very stressful January, a flood of phone calls and resumes that have been ignored for weeks. Persisting with hiring through the holidays can mitigate this stress so that your business continues to flow smoothly into the New Year and beyond.

You Can Get a Feel for How Candidates Manage Busy Times

Most people have family gatherings, shopping lists, parties, and other obligations consuming their time and mental energy during the holidays. While it can be challenging for candidates to keep up communications through all of these tasks, it can also be foretelling of how well a candidate will manage his or her time. You may also get a unique glimpse into how a candidate handles stress, how well they communicate when it comes to scheduling conflicts, and how adaptive the candidate is.

A New Job Makes a Great Gift

For the right candidate, getting hired during the holiday season will be exciting. You may be able to extol the virtues of your company’s awesome holiday hours and PTO package, giving them something to look forward to. A wonderful hire is also a great gift to your company.

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