Using ATS to Find Remote Candidates

By: Dave Rietsema
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Remote candidates aren’t just for remote companies anymore. Many companies that operate out of an office employ (or would benefit from employing) people that telecommute. Some companies would also benefit from importing employees that currently live far away, but would be willing to move and close the distance in order to secure a position.

While some companies have gotten on board with seeking and interviewing remote employees, many others think it’s too difficult. With the current technology, potentially including your applicant tracking system (ATS) software, this couldn’t be less true. Technology can help bring the world to you, including candidates that may fit your company much better than anyone currently residing in your zip code.

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Sourcing Remote Candidates

Your ATS software can help you post job advertisements that will show up in many locations. This can help you specifically target, for example, a city that is known for its excellent computer science training offerings. You may also wish to simply broaden your candidate pool and blast out a job opening for your entire state, geographic area, or country.

You can set up your ATS software to post the job to certain job boards that may be more popular in certain areas and local pages on social sites. Saving these settings will allow you to repeat the task if you have success with recruiting using these sources.

Interviewing Remote Candidates

Some ATS solutions include video interviewing tools that will step you through the process of interviewing remote candidates. Even if your ATS doesn’t come equipped with this feature, however, it’s easy to use video chat platforms to conduct interviews and save highlights of the interviews to candidate profiles. You may also be able to save video interviews directly into the software for later review or to share with hiring team members.

Even candidates that aren’t far away may benefit from the option to use video interviewing options. The option allows an interviewer to set up an interview outside of normal office hours, providing candidates with greater flexibility without demanding more office hours from hiring staff.

Testing Candidate Skills

Some video interviewing platforms come equipped with tools that will allow you to test candidate skills within the same window and timeframe. The screen may split so that the candidate can work out problems or perform tests as you watch. You may also be able to upload videos, text, or assessments that will relate to your specific industry and help you to further assess the candidate’s fit without having to meet in person.

Onboarding Remote Candidates

If you decide to bring on a candidate that has performed well on assessments and in the interview, your ATS can help you to onboard them. ATS can be used to conduct a virtual orientation, to capture their personal information, and even to introduce them to other members of the team. While it’s a good idea to meet with a top candidates in person before making a final hiring decision, remote onboarding may still be convenient and can assist with moving a candidate into your employee database.


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