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Using ATS Software to Update Your Hiring Processes

By: Dave Rietsema
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Some companies purchase Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software with the mistaken notion that it will magically transform their hiring processes and bring them immediately up to date with modern recruitment strategies. While ATS software may come equipped with features that can assist with these transformations, it’s up to the employer and hiring team to make sure the rest of the hiring process and company culture synergizes with these features.

Use Sourcing and Analytics to Strategically Target Candidates

One of the benefits of implementing ATS software that’s enjoyed most immediately is the ability to post jobs ads to multiple sources with one click. This is a time saver, but shouldn’t be taken for granted as the best that a company can do to improve sourcing. Using analytics to review sourcing and see where top candidates found out about the job can assist with strategic sourcing and save time posting to dead-end sites.

Quickly Perform Evaluations and Checks on Candidates

Some ATS software comes with options for performing background checks on employees, reference checks, administering skills assessments, and administering personality evaluations. Having these types of checks and assessments performed automatically using an ATS when an employee gets to a certain phase of the hiring process may help to improve hiring standards without adding time or cost to the screening process.

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Enrich the Interview Process with Workflows and Video Options

Interviews are generally the most important phase of the hiring process. Changing the hiring process to include multiple interviews and to cater to top talent using tools like video interviewing can help to enrich the interview process. Workflows and messaging options can make it easy for hiring staff to communicate thoroughly with one another so that candidates are not continually asked the same questions and so that the process flows smoothly.

Allow Passive Candidates to Preview Company Culture

Careers portals may allow companies to provide a more detailed snapshot of the company culture than other hiring tools, which can spark passive candidates’ interest in working for a company. Providing information about the company values, origins, perks, and even a summary of what a typical workday looks like can help candidates to better assess their fit ahead of time. This may help to improve candidate quality and eventually turnover.

Give the Hiring Team Flexibility with Mobile Options

Mobile options are pretty standard with most ATS software, but may not be getting used to their greatest advantage if the hiring staff still typically stays in the office 9-5 from Monday to Friday. Allowing hiring staff to go out to job fairs and to source in person – while still keeping up with applicants in different phases of the hiring process using mobile options – is a better use for this resource.

While implementing ATS software can be an important step in revitalizing the hiring process, it shouldn’t be seen as the only necessary step. Modern hiring requires more comprehensive changes to the hiring process that can accommodate savvier and more qualified candidates. Make sure that you’re truly getting the most from your ATS software by considering these tips.

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