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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Recruiting

May 31, 2017 By: Dave Rietsema
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Mobile recruiting isn’t just another techy HR buzzword, it’s a necessary tool for hiring in the current job market. Employee candidates expect to be able to find and apply to jobs using their smartphones, so it’s important to make mobile recruitment a big part of your hiring strategy. To optimize the way that your company uses mobile recruitment, consider the following tips.

1. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

If candidates can’t easily find or view your company’s home page, they will likely move right along to the next company that they have in mind. If you want to attract top talent, you can’t risk having them pass your site by. Periodically go through the site yourself and make sure that everything clicks through and that the applications are being received as expected.

2. Respond to Applicants Very Quickly

After applying for a position, applicants expect to hear back from a company quickly. Make sure that you have a system set up so that your main hiring personnel are alerted when someone applies and can easily respond to the applicant. While the initial response can be a standard email letting the person know his or her application was received, you should also make sure that the follow-up is fast and personalized.

3. Take Advantage of Fancy Options

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software often comes with “fancy” options like video interviewing that may seem over the top, but can actually improve your mobile recruiting. Using video interviewing options can help you to get a clear picture of a candidate’s character quickly while eliminating spatial barriers. By investigating other options that may be applied to your mobile recruitment, you may find your recruitment processes dramatically improved.

4. Source Where It Counts

Allowing employees to find your company online and easily apply is a good idea, but you shouldn’t rely on passive recruiting alone. Using your ATS software to post open positions to job boards and social media sites can help to get the word out that you are hiring, which can increase application volume and inspire top talent to apply. Do research to figure out where your ideal candidates gather on the web, rather than posting to every site that comes to mind.

5. Encourage Hiring Staff to Use Mobile Recruitment Admin Options

Mobile recruitment works both ways: it makes it possible for candidates to apply using mobile options, but it also makes it possible for recruiters to use admin options while on the go. Encourage your staff to take advantage of mobile options to respond quickly to candidates’ inquiries and to review applications even while out at job fairs and other events. This type of flexibility can improve the candidate experience and reduce your time to hire.

Using mobile recruitment can improve your hiring processes in many ways. If you aren’t sure how to integrate mobile recruiting into your hiring, work with your ATS software vendor to find out what options are available and how to best use them.


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