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6 Tips for Evaluating Priorities Prior to ATS Selection

By: Dave Rietsema
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As one step of your ATS selection process, you should evaluate your priorities for the system. Taking time to do this properly can help you to really pick the system that is perfect for you, which can save many headaches in the future. The following tips can help you to get your priorities straight and have a clear focus when you begin looking at ATS options.

1. Figure Out What You Are Trying to Improve

Does your company need help with organization of applicant information and compliance? Or would you benefit more from improved hiring processes and better applicant filtering capabilities? Most systems will perform several functions well and the rest not as well, so prioritizing the aspects of the recruitment process that need to be improved can help you in your search.

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2. Decide Whether You Need Stability or Flexibility

Companies that have been established for some time generally offer solutions that are stable and slow to change. Companies that are newer tend to be more flexible and respond to client needs quicker, even as those needs change. The trade-off is the risk that comes with depending on a newer company that may be more likely to go under.

3. Determine Your Budget and What You Are Willing to Trade for It

Budgeting for an ATS can help to ensure that you will be able to manage the solution along with the rest of the business, potentially improving the caliber of hire and reducing the cost per hire. If you go with a lower cost ATS, realize that you may be sacrificing the quality of the support that you receive or the quality of the technology available to you. Striking a balance between cost and quality will help you to realistically anticipate what you may be dealing with down the road.

4. Make a Choice Regarding Complexity and Customization

The very best systems may offer great features, but can be complex to figure out. The simplest solutions may serve your needs, but be plain in appearance and short on customization options. Decide whether your company would do better with a simple and plain solution or the top-of-the-line solution with more customization and the best capabilities.

5. Assess How Much Support You Really Need

If you run an IT company, you are likely to need less support through implementation and beyond than a company that operates in the restaurant or retail industry. As such, you may be able to afford to go with a vendor that is not renowned for their support. If you know that your company will require heavy assistance from the vendor throughout these phases, however, you may need to prioritize support services and read reviews from other, similar companies to make sure you select a vendor with high quality customer support.

6. Plan for the Future, but Live In the Present

Decide what features and functionality you need now, but keep an eye on the future. You may be able to select a system that you can later make changes to as your company grows and evolves. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your system for changes that may never come to pass, though, pick the system that will be best for you now and make future needs lower priority.

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