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ATS Software: Features and Benefits

By: Dave Rietsema
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Moving from a manual recruitment process to an automated one using applicant tracking systems can have many benefits. The features included in most applicant tracking systems can help to optimize the recruitment process so that labor hours are saved and applicants that are selected are more qualified and more likely to stay in position. The benefits of applicant tracking systems may also extend past the hiring phase, as new employee information can be easily moved from the system to employee files.

Job Opening Announcement

Most applicant tracking systems make it very easy to post job opening announcements in the system. Job descriptions and information can be filled in all at once after the system is implemented, so that job needs can be posted with the click of a button. Depending on the needs and the functionality of the system, these postings may automatically be communicated to specific websites and internal company message boards.

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Filtering Capabilities

One of the main advantages of applicant tracking systems is the ability to filter through applications. Once applications and resumes have been submitted, the system sifts through all of the candidate information and pulls only the most qualified candidates to the forefront based on certain keywords and specified criteria. This feature can save recruiters and hiring managers hours worth of work, allowing prime candidates to be contacted and put into position faster.

Skills Matching Expertise

In addition to saving time and money, applicant tracking systems can help companies to identify and hire candidates that are more qualified and more likely to be retained longer. Applicant tracking systems can often tap into larger candidate pools and attract more skilled candidates than manual processes. Applicant tracking systems can then make it easier and faster for managers to identify and contact these candidates, helping to hire them before they move on to other opportunities.

Communication with Top Job Search Websites

Many applicant tracking systems communicate with job sites like Monster and CareerBuilder. This makes it possible to communicate job needs through these specialized avenues with the click of a button, reaching a much wider audience and simplifying the application process for candidates that use these types of sites. When candidates click on the position posting, they are directed back to the applicant tracking system so that they enter their information directly into the system.

Compliance Assistance

Applicant tracking systems can help workplaces to ensure compliance with fair hiring laws, while protecting against accusations of unfairness. Systems can provide information about hiring laws to keep managers and human resources professional up to date on any changes. Systems can also provide qualification reasons that employees were not hired and keep relevant information on file to protect companies from lawsuits.

Onboarding Aid

After a candidate has been selected for hire, most applicant tracking systems make it easy for companies to transfer information from the application or resume to a new employee file without the need for double entry. This can help to prevent errors and can allow hiring managers to spend their time on more meaningful tasks, like beginning the training process. Seamlessly integrated systems may allow employees to move right from the hiring phase into the onboarding and training phase with ease.

Applicant Tracking Systems

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