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Who Should Be Included In Your ATS Implementation Plan?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Implementing an ATS into a company can be a tricky venture that can look different from one company and vendor to the next. Since there are both technical elements and human elements to the implementation process, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t involve enough of the right people in the project plan. On the other hand, too many hands on the project can cause things to get confusing.

When making your implementation plan, consider who will be using the ATS on a daily basis and who has the expertise that will help the project flow smoothly. Depending on the structure of your company and the offerings of the vendor, the following people may be involved in your ATS project plan.

The Vendor

Vendors offer varying degrees of support through ATS implementation. Some vendors will do all of the heavy lifting and even input your customization requests, leaving you to hash out step-down training and change management. Other vendors may provide representatives to assist with implementing the software and training the staff, and the support provided may vary.

Other vendors may provide bare-bones assistance with implementation, offering support if you have questions. Make sure that you understand the degree of assistance offered through implementation before selecting an ATS vendor. If you have the option to rely heavily on the vendor for no additional fees, take advantage of the opportunity.

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IT Department

If you have an IT department, you will likely wish to involve them in the technical parts of the implementation process. Even if the vendor handles the bulk of this part of the process, it may be wise to let the IT department work with the vendor to see how the software works. Having employees that are familiar with the workings of the ATS may save down time and hassles if you have technical difficulties with the software.

HR Professionals

HR professionals may be able to provide unique insights into the best customization options for the ATS software. Since your HR professionals are the last stop on the recruitment pipeline, it is possible that they may see patterns that can help you to gear your recruitment strategies and therefore ATS features to improve your hiring processes.

Additionally, involving your HR professionals in the ATS implementation process may help them to better understand how to streamline the onboarding process. If they are familiar with how the software looks and behaves, they may better understand how to export information from the system and use it for onboarding tasks, if applicable.

Your Hiring Managers

Your hiring managers will be working closely with the new system, so it is important that they are present during the implementation process. They should assist with testing the system before go-live and have some say in how the dashboards and features are customized. Hiring managers should also be interviewed for feedback after go-live so that final tweaks can be made to optimize the system.

A Few Select Employees

Having a few of your best and brightest employees test the system from the applicant side may help you to spot issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Seeing how your best hires use the system may also provide you with perspective on what to look for in candidate resumes, keywords, and profiles.

Having the right people in place during the implementation process may help to ensure project success while minimizing your downtime and labor costs.

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