ATS software reporting and analytics

ATS Software for Reporting and Analytics

By: Dave Rietsema
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When selecting applicant tracking software, it can be helpful to anticipate the reporting functionality that you will be using. The reporting capabilities of an ATS software solution can be instrumental in improving the hiring process of a company. Making sure that the reporting is exactly what you want and that you understand how to use it to your greatest advantage can help you raise your hiring standards and cut your recruitment costs when done right.

Sourcing Reports

Sourcing reports can reveal a ton of information about how well your branding tactics are working and what avenues are actually reaching candidates. Sourcing reports can tell you whether paid advertising and recruiters are effective in netting candidates. You will also find out how impactful your social media pages and careers pages are when it comes to attracting candidates.

If your ATS software is hooked into your other HR software, you may be able to cross-reference your sourcing reports to find out what sources are netting you candidates with staying power.

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Referral Tracking

One of the most effective ways to find great candidates is through referrals from existing employees. ATS software can make it easy to track referrals so that employees are recognized and rewarded properly. The success of a referrals program can also be tracked in this way.

Time to Hire Analysis

The amount of time that it takes a candidate to move from application submission to actionable employee directly affects the bottom line in an organization. It costs labor hours to screen, interview, and stay in contact with candidates. Leaving a vacancy can be frustrating for customers and other employees, potentially tarnishing a company’s reputation.

Time to hire reporting can provide insights into what parts of the hiring process are lagging and where bottlenecks are occurring. By analyzing these reports, areas that could be improved may be readily identified.

Compliance Reporting

ATS software that is optimized for compliance reporting can make employers’ and HR professionals’ lives easier. Compliance reporting, when used in hiring, can help to protect a company against discrimination claims and can keep a company from having to pays fees or suffer penalties. Compliance reporting can even be automated so that the desired reports are simply created and filed regularly to keep up with laws and to stay covered as time passes.

Hiring Team Activity Reports

The hiring team may be spending a lot of time and effort on one phase of the hiring process; this will be revealed in an activity report. From there, the issue can be analyzed. Are team members getting bogged down with paperwork at this point? Is a certain team member holding up the process?

By reviewing hiring team activity, you may be able to figure out how to save labor hours and streamline the hiring process.

Custom Reporting

Every company is different, so custom reporting can be very valuable. Hiring artists may look very different than hiring copy editors, so the ability to create customized reports can come in handy for securing top talent and figuring out how to proceed with future recruitment. Custom reporting can also be useful for relaying hiring information and progress to top-level management.

If you feel that ATS software with better reporting and analysis capabilities could help improve your hiring, we can help you select your best option. Visit our vendor match page today to get started.

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