Applicant Tracking Systems for Staffing Companies

By: Dave Rietsema
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While staffing is a concern for any company, finding the right applicants is especially important for staffing companies. Not only do staffing companies have to find the right employees for themselves, but also find the right employees for their clients.

Staffing companies have the same staffing concerns as other companies but on a much larger scale. An ATS can be especially helpful in meeting the needs of a staffing company.

So how can an ATS help you?

Resume Database

Before ATS software, sorting through resumes was a time-consuming process. Staffing companies would have to store and organize hundreds, if not thousands, of physical resumes. When it came time to provide applicants to clients, they would have to look through all of those resumes by hand.

With ATS software, resumes can be stored digitally instead. Any physical resumes the company obtains can be input into the ATS, although most applications will likely be digital to begin with. Searching the resume database for suitable candidates for a client is now as simple as searching for the desired requirements and the resumes of qualified applicants are only a few clicks away.

Application Storage

Physical resumes take up a lot of space. Staffing companies especially can end up with thousands of applications and resumes that they need to hold on to. Organizing those resumes and applications so that they can be found when needed is difficult.

With an ATS, all resumes and applications can be done online and stored digitally. This removes the need for physical filing cabinets and storing physical resumes on the company premises. Storing applications digitally also removes the need for organizing them, since they can be searched by keyword.

Attracting Applicants

In today’s digital world, job applicants expect to post their resumes and apply for jobs online. Many applicants don’t submit physical resumes anymore. By using an ATS for a cloud-based resume and application database, staffing companies can store many more resumes than in the past.

An ATS can also be used to seek out qualified candidates. For a staffing company, this is essential. The software can filter candidates by qualifications and requirements, better enabling companies to forward more qualified applicants to their clients.

Remote Recruiting

Before the existence of ATS software, staffing companies were limited to applicants and clients in the same location. But now they can recruit from anywhere for clients located across the world. This expands the potential client base while at the same time allowing staffing companies to better serve those clients.

Access to a greater pool of candidates means that companies can provide the best possible candidates to their clients, not just the best possible candidates in one area.

Is your staffing company looking for an ATS to help with the recruiting process to better serve your clients? Let Applicant Tracking Systems help match you with the right software. Visit our vendor match page or vendor list page to begin. For more information, read our comprehensive articles and blog.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Let us help you find the solution to optimize your recruitment processes. Better recruitment processes can help your company to attract top talent, move employees from candidate status to actionable positions faster, and improve employee satisfaction – all while saving you time and stress. Paperless recruitment solutions also mean better organization and less work to meet compliance requirements.

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