Evaluating Current Hiring Processes

By: Dave Rietsema
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If you are considering acquiring an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), there are probably a few issues with the current recruitment processes at your company. To maximize the effectiveness of your ATS search and to help ensure that you select the ATS that works best for your company, do a thorough – and honest – evaluation of your current hiring processes. Calculate and consider the following when doing your evaluation.

New Hire Turnover Rate

The new hire turnover rate can vary widely from company to company. The percentage at which the new hire turnover rate becomes alarming or unacceptable may vary depending on the volume of new hires and the overall size of the company, but it is usually easy to tell when the new hire turnover rate is putting unnecessary strain on the company. Whether your new hire turnover rate is acceptable or not, calculate this figure and include it in your evaluation.

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Length of Time to Fill a Position

The amount of time that it takes to fill a position may have an impact on the quality of candidate that you receive, as top talent will likely not wait before moving onto a company that hires at a faster pace. Leaving positions open for too long may also affect your productivity and the quality of your customer service. Track the length of time that it takes to fill the next few positions and write the information down.

Volume of Job Applications Received

There can be issues involved with receiving too few job applications, but there can also be problems with receiving too many. Too few job applications may give you a small candidate pool to select talent from, limiting your options; too many applications may waste HR professionals’ time and increase the length of time to fill positions. Even if you feel that you are receiving just the right number of job applications, knowing how many you are receiving may help you with your ATS search.

Cost Per Hire

Adding up labor hours spent on job posting, reviewing applications, interviews, and training, then adding in onboarding and training materials, training hours, and any other expenses associated with hiring will give you a cost per hire figure. This is a helpful figure to know at all times, but can be especially helpful when you are looking into acquiring a new ATS. You may be able to find out figures for comparable companies’ cost per hire after acquiring certain ATS and you will definitely be able to compare before and after figures if you do select and implement an ATS.

Quality of Hire

The quality of your current hires may be difficult to put into numbers, though some KPIs may work as a reference. For this item, jotting down notes about new employees’ performance, whether good or bad, may be helpful reminders about your current quality of hire. Even though these notes may not be directly measurable, they may be helpful in determining your goals for a new ATS and assessing the competency of a new recruiting system.

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