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Why Going for the “Social Recruiting Hack” Is Futile

June 7, 2016 By: Dave Rietsema
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Social recruiting has been around for a few years now and is considered to be a great and even necessary avenue for connecting with employee candidates. Unfortunately, time does not necessarily equal know-how and many companies still don’t really “get” social recruiting. If you find yourself browsing articles with titles like “try this one fool-proof social recruiting hack to improve your hiring processes!” you may be one of those that just don’t get it.

Social Spammers Are the New Telemarketers

Remember those annoying phone calls that you would get at dinner time back when you had a land line? While those have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, social spamming has basically replaced it, swooping in to aggravate and alienate customers in a new and modern way. If you think that spamming inboxes and walls with job ads is a brilliant social recruiting hack, you are sadly mistaken – it is at least as annoying any other kind of business spam and is destined to be just as ineffective.

Social Media Is Not the Classified Ads

People don’t generally go to social media sites looking for job ads. With the exception of a few like LinkedIn, people go on social media to connect with friends, read some interesting and informative pieces, and share their own hopes, dreams, frustrations, and selfies. This means that you need to engage with people primarily in ways that cater to these habits and goals in order to attract a base of people that will actually care when you post a job ad.

Trends Move Very Quickly

By the time something is being blogged about as a social recruiting hack, its shine has probably already worn off. This is because trends on the internet move like wildfire, spreading quickly but then burning out and leaving a changed landscape where they once were. If you are not at the forefront of something trending, jumping on at the tail end is not going to do your company any favors.

Honesty and Authenticity Pay

Instead of looking for the easy way out, going old school and actually trying to relate to people that are interested in your company because of its offerings, origins, and values is an approach that will never go out of style. Speaking with customers, fans, or followers on a human level and gaining their loyalty and admiration from an authentic place is a great way to attract the kind of employee candidates that you want – this very base. Finding employee candidates whose passions align with your company is golden.

Your Employees Will Oust You

Maybe not intentionally and maybe not directly, but your employees will oust you if you go for the social recruiting hack. At best, your employees will ignore your embarrassing shameless plug on social, neither liking nor sharing your inauthentic post; at worst they will grudgingly share the plug and their reluctance and obligation will be transparent to those that actually know the employees as individuals. If you opt for a more personalized and authentic approach, however, your employees may respond with a more personalized and authentic endorsement.

A social media presence takes times and dedication to establish. Going for the social recruiting hack will always be futile, so put your effort towards connecting rather than shortcutting.


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