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How ATS Can Boost Employee Morale

By: Dave Rietsema
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It is no secret that employee morale has a direct impact on productivity, retention, and overall company culture. Boosting employee morale can help you to establish a great workplace that employees enjoy coming to and that operates like a well oiled machine if done properly. Applicant tracking systems can help you to boost employee morale in several less-than-obvious ways.

Assists with Promoting from Within

ATS are generally thought of as a tool to get in touch with employee candidates from outside of the company, but they can also help to spread the word regarding position openings to existing employees. The system can pit existing employees’ resumes against external candidates’ resumes so that the most qualified candidate is selected for the position and some degree of bias is eliminated. This gives employees equal footing and makes it simple for employers to compare resumes quickly and efficiently.

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Brings High Quality Employees into the Fold

ATS can help raise the standards for new hires. This can be a huge relief for existing employees that have to train and work with the new employee, easing the workplace stress and possibly raising overall performance standards. By bringing in highly qualified new employees, the ATS saves existing employees from dealing with short staffing issues caused by quick turnover and lengthy training intervals to get new employees up to speed.

Starts New Employees Off Right

New employees want to know as much as possible about the company before starting, want to speed through the recruitment and onboarding process so that they can start earning a paycheck, and want to understand the expectations of their position. ATS can help on all of these fronts. Most ATS are configurable, so you can customize the job posting to give a little background on the company and position or provide links to a company website, where employees can do more research.

After employee candidates have been selected to go further in the recruitment process, ATS can help to speed employees through. Many systems allow employees to upload documents and enter information on their own time so that orientation days and training days are more productive. Systems also allow information entered through applications and resumes to be easily transferred into employee files, saving time and preventing errors that may have caused conflicts and put a damper on morale.

Frees HR or Management Time for Employees

If human resources or front line managers are in charge of recruitment, ATS can help free up their hours for more hands on and lucrative tasks. Managers or HR professionals will no longer have to spend hours posting to job boards, reviewing resumes, and organizing applicant information. If HR professionals were ordinarily in charge of recruitment tasks, they may have more time to address issues and conflicts that may be bringing down the company culture, leading to a happier workplace.

If managers were generally in charge of hiring as with smaller companies, ATS can ease the burden on the entire workplace by freeing up manager hours. Managers may be able to work with employees more in positions or spend more time thinking about ways to inspire greater productivity and engagement.

Applicant Tracking Systems

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