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Recruit CRM is ATS and CRM software combined into one affordable solution to help manage every aspect of the recruitment process.

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Recruit CRM Software Overview

Recruit CRM offers companies an all-in-one solution to their recruitment needs. It goes beyond the capabilities of a standard ATS to also include CRM features, all in the same place. The ATS features of Recruit CRM include a jobs page where you can advertise your open positions in addition to advertising on jobs boards. The built-in resume parser automatically creates a database of all candidate information from resumes and even from information provided in emails to your company. The software also allows you to search for candidates by whatever criteria you require.

With Recruit CRM, companies can customize their own recruitment pipeline so that the software works optimally for each company’s needs. It can also integrate with systems you already use through a Chrome extension and email integration.

Because Recruit CRM handles both recruitment and customer management, it can also help companies nurture their relationships with their customers. The CRM part of the software can be used for sales as well, including a customizable sales pipeline and invoice tracking.

Why People Are Using Recruit CRM

  • Single-click job posting on jobs boards
  • Review applications from dozens of different jobs boards
  • Candidate database built from resumes and CVs
  • Candidates can submit their own resumes to your database
  • Resume parsing from uploaded resumes and resumes found in emails
  • Google Chrome extension for easy candidate searching
  • Easier and faster boolean and location-based candidate searching
  • Create a list of favorites to easily track top talent
  • Customizable recruitment and sales pipelines
  • Insightful reports
  • Integration with email accounts
  • Automatic reminders and interview scheduling
  • Import candidate profiles from LinkedIn
  • Support via live chat
  • Manage invoices and track payments
  • Branded jobs page on your own website

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How Can Recruit CRM Help Your Company?

Recruit CRM combines all of your ATS and CRM needs into one easy-to-use software. You don’t have to have separate systems for applicant tracking and customer relationship management. The software is designed to help companies manage all candidates, open job positions, customers, and teammates all in one place. Having one system manage more than one aspect of your HR needs can save employees time and make processes faster and easier.

Candidate Database Makes Finding the Right Talent Easy

Recruit CRM offers a candidate database that can be built up from resumes and applications you receive. These resumes can come from jobs boards, be uploaded manually, entered by the candidates themselves, or even saved from emails. Candidates can enter their own information into a customizable talent pool form so you’re guaranteed to get the information you’re looking for in your database. From this database, you can save favorite candidates so you can easily communicate with them about open positions.

Integration with Any Email Account Makes Communication Easier

Recruit CRM can also sync with any email account that you have. This makes it easy to send bulk emails to both candidates, as well as employees and customers, and to track email opens. Recruit CRM also makes it easy to find emails associated with a particular candidate by linking communications to candidate profiles. If a candidate sends a resume in an email, the close link with Recruit CRM allows you to upload the resume directly into your candidate database as a part of your talent pool.

Candidate Search Finds the Right Talent

Recruit CRM offers multiple methods for searching for the right candidates. You can use a boolean search, which has been simplified so that you don’t have to use boolean syntax anymore. Alternatively, you can perform a radius search to look for candidates within a certain geographical area. On top of that, the Recruit CRM Google Chrome extension makes searching for candidates easier than ever before.

Customization Makes the Recruitment Process Your Own

Every company’s recruitment processes and needs are different. Recruit CRM’s customization means that you can make the system work for you rather than having to adjust your methods to fit the system. You can customize your recruitment pipeline, your talent pool form, and even your sales pipeline in the CRM portion of the software.

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