Does It Take Too Long to Get Hired at Your Company?

January 23, 2018 By: Dave Rietsema
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Recruitment is tricky. You want to make sure that you get the right candidate, so you create a multi-step interview process, do a background check on every candidate that passes the initial cut, create tests that reveal a candidate’s personality. Then suddenly you realize that candidates are backing out in droves and no one is making it all the way through your hiring process.

Could your hiring process be taking too long?

Candidates want to get hired on quickly, so they will be deterred by a hiring process that drags out. You want to make sure that the candidate is right for the position before you make the leap, however. What can you do to expedite your hiring process, while still thoroughly screening candidates?

Make Applying Fast and Painless

While not every aspect of the hiring process should be rushed, there is no need to drag out the application process. Candidates should be able to quickly find what they need to apply, fill out the necessary fields, and submit their application or resume without much fuss. If your website bogs down or the application is too long, candidates may get frustrated and give up before they’ve even applied.

Hire Ahead of Need

If there are vacant spots in your organization, managers may be postponing contacting candidates because they are busy performing core business tasks. Hiring ahead of need will allow your business to operate optimally, giving managers and HR staff the time they need to focus on their parts in the hiring process. Candidates will recognize the difference in stress level, as well as enjoying a shorter wait time to hear back about an opening.

Schedule Interviews Immediately

If interview scheduling is stretching out your time to hire, take the time to review and modify the way that you schedule interviews. Many applicant tracking system (ATS) software solutions come with interview scheduling functionality. This feature plugs in all interviewers’ schedules so that you can schedule candidate interviews the minute you have decided to move them to the next phase of the hiring process.

Communicate with Candidates Frequently

Waiting to hear back about a position can become frustrating for candidates. Communicating with them frequently to let them know when the application is received, when their references are being checked, when the interview is scheduled, when you are waiting for background check results, or when a decision has been made can ease the frustration and keep them interested in the position. If a candidate waits too long, he or she may move on.

Utilize Succession Planning

Succession planning can help you to continuously fill positions as they come open, relying on your existing employees for the majority of promotions. This can help to speed up your hiring process, as your external hiring needs will be primarily entry level positions that don’t require specialized skill sets. While you will still want to perform basic screens like background checks and personality tests, you will likely have a broader candidate pool to pick from.

Track Time to Hire

If you don’t know how long it takes to move someone from application submission to onboarding, you won’t know whether you have a problem or not. Track your time to hire and use that as a basis of comparison when looking at other companies’ time to hire. As you make changes to your hiring process, see how your time to hire improves and what kind of impact that has on the quality of hire and candidate experience.


Applicant Tracking Systems

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