New Recruitment Tactics

Unusual Recruitment Tactics That Draw Top Talent

July 30, 2018 By: Dave Rietsema
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Once upon a time, people looked in their local papers for jobs and kept their eyes peeled for help wanted signs. Businesses passively advertised open positions and waited for applications to come in. Once those applications were received and reviewed, employers interviewed and tested candidates to see if they seemed like a good fit.

If this still sounds like your recruitment scheme, you’re living in the past. While there are some timeless pieces of this hiring paradigm, the simple strategy is no longer as effective as it once was and can hamper your search for top talent.

The following are a few recruitment tactics that can jazz up your hiring plan and hopefully draw in those brainy and productive candidates.

Advertise Your Company in an Authentic Way

No one loves being sold to, but everyone likes to be informed and wants to be let in on a feel-good story. If your company’s back story is appealing to the masses, people will want to be a part of it. For bonus points, let employees that love their jobs tell your story and promote your company in their own unique ways.

The best companies understand that they don’t have to present these types of advertisements as a plug to do something. Whether the individual viewing the ad will be a customer or a prospective employee, the message is the same and doesn’t demand immediate action from the viewer.

Allow Employees to Apply in Different Ways

A CV or resume can inform you of a candidate’s skills and experience, but is very limited in showing you their personality, drive, and amicability. A video or audio application may appeal to certain bright candidates and can give you a little more insight into an applicant’s personality. Additionally, these types of applications will show you how comfortable a candidate is with technology, which may be applicable for some positions.

To attract a variety of candidates, make it possible to apply in several different ways. You never want to limit yourself by making applying difficult, but it could be beneficial to offer more ways to apply. To make it easy to accept applications in various forms, look for applicant tracking system (ATS) software that offers these options.

Present Games and Challenges

Instead of a standard personality assessment or written skills test, make the screening process fun for your candidates. Almost every job can be played like a game with scoring and ranking that will help both you and the candidate determine how well they will fit the position. If you prefer, you can also create group challenges that show how well a candidate will work with a team.

Actively Seek Passive Candidates

Flipping the script and going out to look for your candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you can be a great way to find candidates that otherwise may not have applied. This can be done in many ways, but social media provides a short-cut that’s convenient for many companies. Let your prospective candidates know that you have open positions and be direct about why you think they might be a good match.

Opting for recruitment tactics that don’t fall into the age-old expectations can excite candidates and help your company stand out.

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