Are You Using Your ATS Wrong?

By: Dave Rietsema
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Whether you’ve just implemented a new ATS or you’ve had the same model around for years, you may be unknowingly using it wrong. Applicant tracking systems come with tons of features and need to be updated regularly, so most companies either fail to use their system to its full potential or fail to keep it up-to-date enough. The following are a few ways you may be using your ATS wrong.

Ignoring the Glitches

An ATS glitch can hide great applications from you or lose documentation such as notes, personality tests, and surveys. This can set your time to hire back and cause you to miss out on candidates that would’ve made great hires. Actively look for indications of glitches so that you can stay on top of any issues that could be causing information to get lost.

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Focusing on the Attractive Parts

Many of the ATS solutions available now have shiny features like analytics tools and evaluation scorecards. While these features can certainly be helpful, it’s important not to get sidetracked from the core elements that will help you to get those applications in the building and extract top talent from them. If it feels like your hiring is getting confusing or convoluted, it may be wise to simplify your recruitment processes and stick to the basics.

Failing to Use Social or Mobile for Recruiting

Every ATS should give candidates the option to apply to a company using a mobile device. While social media integration is not necessarily as imperative, it can help most companies to improve their visibility among top talent.

If your ATS has these features available and you’re not using them, taking the time to get familiar with the features and start using them may help to improve you recruitment. Vendors can usually assist as needed with training. If your system doesn’t even offer these options, it may be time to consider getting a new ATS.

Using Keywords and Filters Poorly

Keywords and filtering features can be invaluable when it comes to bringing the applications of top talent to the surface and filtering through unqualified applicants. Unfortunately, getting the keywords and filtering settings just right may take some time and tweaking. The worst thing you can do with your ATS when it comes to these features is set it and forget it.

After implementing an ATS, do a trial run with applications from some of your best current employees. If your ATS buries the applications, the filtering may be too tight. If you seem to be getting a large number of applicants that are under qualified or barely qualified, your filtering may be too loose.

Not Using Referral Features

Referrals are known to be one of the very best sources for candidates. Many ATS now make it possible for just about anyone to be a brand ambassador and refer someone for a job, whether they are an existing employee, a customer, a fan, or an alumnus. Using your ATS referral features can help you to tap into a higher quality candidate pool, so make sure you aren’t ignoring this valuable tool.

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