What You Need To Know About Using a Resume Formatting Service

January 22, 2020 By: Dave Rietsema
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Resume formatting is a mindless task. While it may be helpful for the recruiting process, the actual task of formatting resumes is a waste of a hiring manager’s time. This is a task that can be automated.

An online resume formatting service can automate this process for you. This will free up the hiring manager’s time and make the hiring process faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

The Need for Resume Formatting

Resume formatting is the process of entering resumes into a spreadsheet or other database. Because hiring managers spend significant amounts of time reading through resumes, it’s important for resumes to be in the same presentable format. A standardized format can make information easier to find and help the hiring manager find the most important information quickly and easily.

Reformatting can take up to 40 minutes per resume, depending on how much needs to be changed. If a company sees a lot of incoming resumes, that’s a lot of time spent just on the reformatting process.

Freeing up the Hiring Manager’s Time

The recruiting process can be long. A hiring manager already has their hands full and reformatting resumes just eats up their valuable time. With the formatting process automated, the manager’s time is freed up for more important tasks. The hiring manager can instead devote their time to strategizing and getting to know potential applicants.

Formatting Resumes Online

The solution is not to stop formatting resumes. Instead, use a resume formatting service to do automate the work. A process that manually can take 20-40 minutes can be done online in less than a minute.

The setup requires a template created by the hiring manager. The service then matches all resumes to the template’s format. The resume formatting service can connect to a careers page on a company website for input. Resumes can also be manually uploaded.

The Downsides of a Formatting Service

Automation is a great way to free up a hiring manager’s time. It can take mindless tasks away from humans and speed up the process. However, automation can’t problem-solve as a human can. If a resume is uploaded that the formatting service can’t read, the end result could be poor or thrown away.

Thanks to recruiting software improving all the time, poorly formatted resumes should be very few. If these come up, the hiring manager could take the time to format only those manually, letting the formatting service take care of the rest.

Finding the Right Formatting Service

The important thing is to find a service that best fits the needs of the company. Outsourcing the resume formatting process will be worth the cost, but the right service will maximize the return on investment.

The most important factors to consider when looking for a resume formatting service are how many resumes the service will produce and whether the service will allow the creation of custom templates. The hiring manager should determine how many resumes the company receives monthly and use that as a guideline for how many the service should handle. It’s also essential to look for a service that will support many custom templates for maximum flexibility as the company grows.

Free trials give hiring managers the opportunity to try out a service first to see if it’s the best fit.

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