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Using Technology in the 21st Century Staffing Industry

March 11, 2016 By: Dave Rietsema
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Recruiting software was a worrisome development for many staffing firms. As with the advent of the ATM, the eReader, and many types of technology before those, professionals worried that they may soon be out of a job because of this new development. However, just as with the ATM and the eReader, recruiting software served to move and shake the industry but not to break the industry.

The savvy recruiter understands that there is no sense in fighting the trend towards using technology. In fact, with the right business strategy, recruiting software may just become a current that helps to carry the firm along towards greater success and prosperity. By utilizing the available technology to better aid job seekers and companies looking to hire, you ensure that your firm stays relevant in the 21st century.

Use Applicant Tracking Software

Once upon a time not so long ago, staffing firms used paper for everything. Paper resumes were collected from job candidates and a rolodex of potential employers was maintained, utilized, and updated regularly. Applicant tracking systems have helped move this antiquated system into the present, allowing employee candidates to submit resumes online and making it possible for staffing firms to instantly connect skilled employees with employers in need of talent.

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Integrate Mobile Into Your Strategy

About nine out of ten job seekers now use their mobile devices to look for job ads and research companies. This means that not only is an online presence necessary to stay relevant in the recruiting forum, the available sites must be mobile friendly and instantly engaging. Ever more clients are also using mobile devices to review applications and correspond with staffing firms, so mobile optimization is an increasingly necessary factor to integrate into your strategy.

Don’t Overlook Social Media as an “In”

Social media is no longer a fun pastime for a certain generation. It has transformed into a global forum where people of all ages and walks of life receive their news, check in with friends and family, and – yes – look for jobs. Most employers understand the potential gold mine of skilled candidates that social media may tap into, but don’t know how to effectively use the resource and don’t have the time to do the research.

This situation can be a staffing firm’s “in.” By offering to create a social strategy for clients, you secure your place as an invaluable resource to the firm. By maintaining their social accounts, posting job ads as needed on their pages, and messaging interested employee candidates, you help the company optimize their online presence and you position your firm as a valuable asset to the company.

Use Video to Connect the Dots

Video is a helpful and yet underused resource that is poised to become ever more important in recruiting. By asking employee candidates to submit video resumes explaining why they want a certain job, you create a sort of snapshot interview that allows potential employers to get a glimpse into an employee’s personality while listening to them explain why they want the job and what skills they feel they bring to the table. Employing video resumes in your staffing strategy may distinguish your firm as unique and ahead of the curve.


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